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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Accelerating COVID-19 Testing Solutions for Healthcare Staff

Accelerating COVID-19 Testing Solutions for Healthcare Workers

By Healthcare and Life Sciences, Business Process Outsourcing

States have responded to the dangers that frontline healthcare workers face in the fight against COVID-19 with a system of rigorous testing aimed at early identification of the COVID-19 virus among nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers. This means a drastic increase in the volume of test requisition forms that need to be processed on a periodic basis.

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Accurate data entry from patient forms and test requisistion forms.

Delivering Successful Data Entry from Test Requisition Forms

By Healthcare and Life Sciences, Business Process Outsourcing
Health is not a matter to be taken lightly and in light of the current situation, accurate testing and diagnosis backed by efficient patient forms processing and test forms processing are more important than ever.

Healthcare data needs to be processed responsibly. Even a tiny error while processing a test requisition form can have serious consequences. As healthcare providers find themselves swamped with processing high-volume COVID-19 testing and providing intensive patient care, they need supportive processing services to streamline operations.

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Outsource Your Healthcare Services

How Outsourcing is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

By Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industries, Uncategorized

Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock, you have probably heard of the rising trend of outsourcing healthcare services and the increasing debate over whether it is a sustainable solution to the resource shortage in the healthcare industry.

However, the bigger concerns about the fate of outsourcing healthcare services are whether these solutions are scalable or not and how can healthcare services be outsourced without compromising the quality of service?

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Battling COVID-19 with Faster Healthcare Processing 

Battling COVID-19 with Faster Healthcare Processing 

By Healthcare and Life Sciences

What started as a small but severe outbreak in the Wuhan province in China has now become a global pandemic as cases outside China increase 13-fold in just 2 weeks, ringing alarm bells across countries and continents. Battling COVID-19 effectively is the need of the hour. 

As the confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise, government agencies and healthcare services the world over find themselves swamped in paperwork while striving to contain its spread and treat the affected population. 

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