India is Facing Acute Oxygen Shortage, See what you can do to help!

Help India breathe & win the fight against covid.  Covid Images Source: Reuters
The need for oxygen and aid in India is in a dire state as the second wave of COVID is devastating the entire country. We encourage everyone to look into what’s going on. If you’d like to help out, SEWA- a Houston-based 501c is a great option.
We’re encouraging everyone to donate directly to SEWA- their contributions are going directly to India during this time of need.
For more information on what’s happening please see below.
Struggle for Oxygen & Beds

What you can do Personally?

Wear Masks & Stay at Home

Please stay at home to stop the spread of Covid.

Stay at Home Covid Treatment

Ways to treat a covid patient at home.

Provide Support on Social Media

Stay active & alert on social media to help people wherever possible, while fighting against govt. mismanagement.

Donate to Provide Oxygen to India

For every donation we donate equal amount.

Please Donate & help SEWAUSA provide Oxygen Concentrators in India.

For every donation we donate equal amount.