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Why Outsourcing is the Next Big Step in Healthcare 

By June 17, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
Why Outsourcing is the Next Big Step in Healthcare 

Any initial skepticism about outsourcing healthcare services has given way to optimism about the positive results outsourcing yields in improving healthcare services. Let’s dive deep and explore the possibilities. 

Hospitals process hundreds of patients on a daily basis and the current pandemic crisis has increased this burden to thousands, overwhelming medical staff, many of them working back-to-back shifts to provide much needed intensive care. 

As the scale of operations increases so do the number of testing samples that need to be processed and the accompanying paperwork. Paperwork connected with samples that are sent for testing must be processed along with the patient forms for correct and effective treatment. 

Further, as hospitals stay reserved for critical patients and more and more people start consulting doctors online, the situation calls for smart ways to manage online patient forms for dispatch of at-home testing kits and further diagnosis. 

This is why outsourcing data entry, test requisition forms and medical paperwork is the next big step in healthcare. Outsourcing these services ensures accurate and efficient processing while improving visibility and providing greater accountability:

Improved Patient Care

Healthcare outsourcing helps improve patient care.

One of the main factors that have contributed to the rise of outsourcing in healthcare is the resultant improvement in the quality of healthcare services provided. 

Outsourcing back-office functions and form processing help take a load off your current staff and lead to an improvement in service quality levels. In fact, a study conducted among 60 hospitals in Greece, 60% found that outsourcing had a positive impact on their operations and led to a marked improvement in customer satisfaction. 

The equation for success is the same everywhere. Outsourcing essential yet time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks helps streamline internal operations while unburdening internal resources. Another point to keep in mind is that you will be outsourcing these services to an experienced team composed of quality engineers and data specialists who will deploy the latest technologies to ensure speed and accuracy. This leaves you free to focus on providing better healthcare with the support of dependable healthcare services. 

Customization and Core Competency

Customized healthcare outsourcing services help you focus on core medical services.

While opting for experienced companies with proven healthcare outsourcing processes is indisputably the smart way to proceed, customization helps take things further. 

Every hospital has different specialities, different departments and facilities, different processes for diagnosis, testing, treatment and therefore different processing requirements.

This means while outsourcing essential healthcare processes, you must partner up with a company that is proficient at tailoring their services to your demands. Customization helps build end-to-end solutions for your business and helps you focus all your energy and resources and on core healthcare competencies. 

So, you can work on improving patient care and follow-up as we provide administrative and processing support for everyday operations. 

Enhanced Flexibility

Enjoy enhanced flexibility with outsourcing services.

While the primary advantage of outsourcing has been purported to be cost-reduction, outsourcing provides creative solutions to many more operational problems. One of the ways in which it solves a problem while reducing costs is by matching services to your fluctuating needs. 

Services can be scaled up or scaled-down in real-time to match increased or decreased requirements. Instead of paying fixed costs for a full-time team, with outsourcing you stay flexible and pay based on your current needs. 

Outsourcing further offers you the ability to expand your services and product offerings whether locally or on a global scale. Explore new business opportunities with dependable services that ensure continuity and offer competitive agility. 

Reduction in Skill Acquisition and Training Costs

Outsourcing healthcare lowers your administrative and skill acquisition costs.

Building an in-house team for internal processing and non-core administrative processes can be quite an expensive proposition. 

The process starts with hiring expensive resources as you need highly-skilled employees and expensive equipment for scanning and converting documents and extracting data from thousands of forms that come in every day. The same money can be better spent on procuring more medical equipment or personnel. 

Outsource these processes to a team of highly-trained professionals who are expert at processing documents, capturing data and generating high-quality output while using advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Outsourcing offers cost-effective solutions for the medical industry.

With ARDEM’s advanced healthcare solutions, you will see an immediate drop of 30% in your processing costs with increasing returns as we optimize your processes further. 

Our headquarters in New Jersey and operations office in Lucknow leverage global talent to offer you effective and dependable solutions. 

Outsourcing establishes a streamlined business process to handle large volumes of back-office tasks, in return, you reap the long-term benefits of a reduced overall cost, increased accuracy and efficiency, and a quick turnaround!

Real-Time Processing

Real-time processing services are required for lab test forms.

When it comes to providing life-saving services, accuracy and speed are of utmost importance. With sample testing come lab requisition forms that need to be processed with care and delivered on time for accurate sample testing and efficient diagnosis. 

You simply forward all forms to us and we will process and deliver them within 24 to ensure that the paperwork is in place before the testing begins. 

With medical claims processing, we process and standardize all claims and applications in advance to ensure that they are submitted within the deadlines for Medicare and Medicaid. As they say, when it comes to saving lives, every second counts and we ensure that you don’t spend those precious moments on non-essential paperwork. 

At-Home Test Requisition Form Processing

You also need outsourcing services for at-home healthcare services.

As COVID-19 cases spike and hospitals become reserved for critical patients, both patients and practitioners are shifting to virtual platforms. 

Doctors further analyze symptoms and order testing if required. This has created a parallel need for the processing of these home test requisition forms for swift dispatch of at-home testing kits and the accompanying paperwork. Once the sample is prepared, it is sent for lab testing. The filled forms then need to be indexed and matched for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.  Partnering with a trusted outsourcing partner helps streamline the entire process and ensures greater accuracy and accountability at every step. 

Accurate Data Entry and Document Conversion

Accurate data entry and swift document conversion are essential to outsourcing healthcare.

Data and documents play a vital role in healthcare, tracking every step from initial diagnosis and testing to treatment and recovery.

Medical records, patient history, insurance applications, medical claims, and even test requisition forms, all contain sensitive data that has to be processed and manipulated with great care and accuracy. 

We use high-speed scanners and cutting-edge OCR/ICR technology, to capture data from physical documents, handwritten forms and different electronic formats. 

Our data entry, document processing, and document conversion services are more than capable of managing high volumes of medical data, sorting, processing and aggregating it with enhanced efficiency. 

Medical Claims and Insurance Processing

Medical claims and insurance processing can be outsourced for efficiency.

As mentioned before, medical claims and insurance applications must be processed in time and submitted before the set guidelines expire. Another aspect that must be taken into consideration while processing these documents is that even the smallest of errors, even by one digit, can result in claim rejection or denial. 

At ARDEM, we are fully cognizant of this fact and process these documents with care and attention. We further identify any inaccurate or missing information and fill it automatically or send a request for further information to prevent and lower your rejection rates. 

Security Compliance and Scalability

Security must be kept in mind while outsourcing healthcare.

Apart from containing essential medical information, medical forms and documents contain personal and financial information that must be processed in a secure manner. 

We provide fully outsourced solutions to a variety of clients across the medical, research, and pharmaceutical sectors.  Medical records, insurance applications, medical claims, and test Requisition forms contain sensitive data which must be protected at all costs. 

This data consists of PHI/PII and personal identity details which must be kept secure. At ARDEM, we take security seriously and follow all necessary compliances and protocols for advanced data security. 

We are HIPAA and GDPR compliant and have our VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols, and security protocols in place.

On top of all these protocols, we are also extremely careful about how we expose your data while processing and to whom. Access to sensitive data is strictly on a need-to-know basis, and we further ensure that your data can be moved, edited, or seen only by relevant team members. 

Get in touch with us and sign an NDA to learn all about our data security measures!

So, when it comes to healthcare claims processing and management, you won’t find a better long-term partner than us. Our advanced document scanning and processing services are capable of handling a high volume of healthcare claims and billing needs, freeing your staff to focus on primary healthcare services. 

As you can see, the future of outsourcing healthcare services is far-reaching and full of promise. 

Get in touch with us and schedule a consultation to discover your outsourcing solution today!