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Can your Company Accommodate a Large Volume of Data Processing & What is the Capacity?

ARDEM currently processes between a few hundred to several thousand documents a day for its clients. For example, we recently partnered with a non-profit organization that provides funds to individuals and initiatives within marginalized communities to help them deal with the social and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The task at hand was to process between 300 to 1200 applications across 3 different funds and review them for eligibility.
At ARDEM, we create timely, responsive, and scalable solutions for our clients. We start by building you a team headed by an experienced Project Manager and employ the perfect balance of automation technology and FTEs to manage the expected volume of incoming data and documents. As the scope of work expands and your processing requirements increase, we forecast volume fluctuations and allocate more resources, i.e., software bots and full-time equivalents to your process.
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