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Legal Outsourcing Services

ARDEM Provides Legal Business Process Outsourcing Services to Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Efficiency.

Legal Outsourcing Services that We Can Help With

Legal Process Outsourcing Services help our law firms with Document Review, E-Discovery, Editing, and Proofreading of documents and supporting legal firms in Discovery. 

Legal Process Outsourcing is used by law firms to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. 

Some of the legal process outsourcing services provided by ARDEM include:

Backoffice Solutions to Help Law Firms

Class Action

Class Action

ARDEM offers specialized Outsourcing Solutions for Class Action Cases concerning, data management, document processing, plaintiffs management, & even claims processing.

Document Processing

Documents Processing

Legal Cases can be tiring, a major headache being document processing, ARDEM takes care of all the document processing needs that you might have, paper & electronic- this includes data mining & data entry.


Custom Solutions

ARDEM offers specialized expert Outsourcing Solutions for the Legal/Law Firms concerning, scalability, man power, data and document processing, everything in between and even more.


Data Mining and Formatting Services for Legal Service Providers

We assisted a Global Alternate Legal Services Provider with Data Mining and Formatting Services saving them more then 400 hours while processing 1000s of  Datasets within three weeks.

Legal Outsourcing Services for Established Firms

Save your billable hours for things that matter, leave the back-office work to us. As an industry player with almost 20 Years of outsourcing experience we are Experts when it comes to accurate data, fast. ARDEM offer expert data entry and processing, conversion, mining, extraction and indexing solutions for our Legal Clients among many other scalable custom solutions. Large one off need? Want to outsource an entire department or Process? Let’s Chat.

Data Processing Back-Office Support

We offer High-Performance and Expert data analyst teams to manage your legal data accurately.

Accuracy Big

Increased Accuracy, Cycle time Reduction

Always 99.97%+ Accuracy guaranteed. Faster. Large case, deadline approaching quickly? Let’s chat.

Secure Large

Confidentiality Your Firm Can count on

Data Security and Customer Confidentiality come first, contact us to learn more about how we keep data safe.


Legal Firms Take Action By Outsourcing Application Processing

The greatest challenge for any law firm revolves around time. With deadlines and time constraints lawyers should not use their time on back-office tasks which is why many choose to outsource application processing. According to a 2013-2014 survey study from Williams Lea, 79% of firms outsource back office and administration tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our headquarters, in New Jersey, host the in-house cloud-based network that enables us to provide our clients with advanced cloud computing solutions inclusive of cloud collaboration platforms like ARDEM Collaboration, as well as cloud-based BPaaS solutions for data processing, document conversion, survey processing, and more.

Our operations are spread across the United States, South America, India, and the Philippines, where our teams work in 3 round-the-clock shifts to keep your data moving. Our hybrid approach combined with our high-performance teams ensures that your data continues to be processed and delivered, come what may.

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We curate the most qualified team members with deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience to ensure that your data is of the highest level of quality.
Our QC experts monitor every stage of your process to ensure quality output. Your Project Owner further ensures that the final output is shared with you as per a predefined frequency or your updated instructions.

All our projects include a multi-step QC process that goes through an additional checking process before delivery to ensure close to 100% accurate data. Our digital collaboration platform, the ARDEM Collaboration Platform, provides you access to your personal account on our server from where you can upload raw files, view the status of your project in real-time, and even download the flat output files, all with a few simple clicks.

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ARDEM’s Legal Outsourcing division has several successful projects under its belt as we have successfully partnered with several Law Firms & Legal Organizations to provide immensely helpful and meaningful solutions for projects that range from reviewing class action applications to document processing for Licensing Applications.

You can learn more about our collaborations with different non-profit organizations here.

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ARDEM utilizes a combination of both automated and programmatic quality measures alongside effort-based data processing to build you a truly responsive and scalable solution.

Our solutions are customized to each client’s individual needs and combine an optimized combination of the two methodologies as a testament to our standards of quality and accuracy. Using our hybrid solutions, we deliver close to 100% accuracy for every project, every time.

As we work together, our team continues to improve your processes further, streamline your operations further for additional cost savings and efficiency.

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ARDEM currently processes between a few hundred to several thousand documents a day for its clients.

At ARDEM, we create timely, responsive, and scalable solutions for our clients. We start by building you a team headed by an experienced Project Manager and employ the perfect balance of automation technology and FTEs to manage the expected volume of incoming data and documents. As the scope of work expands and your processing requirements increase, we forecast volume fluctuations and allocate more resources, i.e., software bots and full-time equivalents to your process.

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At ARDEM, we believe in building mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships with our partners for joint success.

Our clients typically see an immediate 30-40%+ reduction in cost to the company. Often, clients see an even larger reduction in operating expenses over the tenure of our partnership.

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Custom Multi Domain Data Processing Solutions by ARDEM

We provide custom expert outsourcing solutions to various industries based on their, need, budget & time requirements, Our services on average help a typical law/legal firm reduce their overhead by over 30% .

Legal Outsourcing Services to Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Efficiency