Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the process of outsourcing the management and operation of secondary business processes to a third-party service provider on a contractual basis. 

This enables the company to reduce operational costs and focus on scaling their primary operations. A BPO company is a company that undertakes the performance of business processes in a defined scope of work, with specific service level agreements on an ongoing basis.

At ARDEM, we provide scalable outsourcing solutions for your business needs with the perfect combination of qualified experts, streamlined processes and automation technology.

Advantages: Customized Solutions; Qualified, Educated Analysts and Management; Scalable Workflow; Proprietary Technology.

Services: Financial, Healthcare, Logistics, Government, Retail, Commercial, Manufacturing.

At ARDEM, we build customizable and scalable outsourcing solutions for clients across a variety of industries such as Finance & Accounting, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics; Healthcare snd Life Sciences along with Government Agencies.

We also provide accurate data entry and processing services alongside back office support services, survey management, mail fulfillment along with application and claims processing.

Our strategy involves employing the perfect combination of smart people, robust processes and technology, i.e., intelligent automation.

So now that you have learned about our full range of services and the high quality of our outsourcing services, are you ready to build a successful partnership with ARDEM for long-term success?

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ARDEM Incorporated provides comprehensive data entry and business process outsourcing services across all 50 states in the United States. We also cater to the global demand for our outsourcing services and have a long list of satisfied, high-profile clients including the U.S. Army, Veterans Administration, Department of Interior and National Institute of Health (NIH) along with big names like HubSpot, CNN, Edelman, and Ted Baker London among others.

Our client base comprises large multinational corporations (MNCs) along with SBEs and independent consultants. ARDEM is known for providing client-focused solutions along with an excellent track record of consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

Our outsourcing services are highly valued due to our high quality of work, the accuracy of work delivered and a reputation for always delivering the processed data/output within or prior to the specified deadlines.

Advantages: Industry Experience, Qualified Experts, Problem-Solving Solutions, Scalable & Cost-Effective Solutions. 

Services: Finance & Accounting, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Government, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing


 “You have lowered our cost, increased our productivity and given us a significantly faster turnaround.  Not to mention the data quality and consistency is much better than when it was handled in-house.”

-Blue Buffalo

As the above testimonial demonstrates, ARDEM. has an impeccable reputation when it comes to our services and their positive impact on a business’s efficiency and productivity. The general feedback from our clients gives us high ratings for our services in terms of reliability, on-time delivery, real-time processing, ease of doing business and satisfaction with customer support received, to name a few. All this translates into a high rate of customer satisfaction. 

We also rank quite high in terms of our team’s attitude, courtesy and professionalism and the swift responsiveness of the company. This motivates us to keep optimizing and improving our processes to deliver successful solutions and build long-term partnerships for collaborative success. 

Our long list of satisfied customers and high-profile clients include the U.S. Army, Veterans Administration, Department of Interior and National Institute of Health (NIH) along with big names like HubSpot and Ted Baker London to name a few. 


ARDEM is extremely proud to have been ranked as the top data outsourcing company in 2019.

Our team of data scientists, engineers and developers work together to build optimized data entry solutions. As a top data outsourcing company, we offer you a range of data processing services including data entry/extraction from paper forms, images, and even processing data entry directly into your company’s pre-existing database. 

When we talk about back office solutions, ARDEM creates a customized Back Office Outsourcing Team. The custom-built team comprises a dedicated Project Manager and handpicked FTEs with experience and industry knowledge to optimize your processes to boost efficiency and deliver success.

In addition, we offer our clients full IT support and an open line of communication to ensure we are always available to provide full back-office support.

Advantages: Eliminate Manual Errors, Faster Processing, Dedicated Team of Experts. 

Services: Data Entry Services, Document Processing, Application & Claims Processing.


As we proceed further into the age of digital transformation, any outsourcing company worth it’s salt will realize that business processes and outsourcing services themselves will undergo a drastic change. As a result, both outsourcing companies and businesses will need to keep evolving to stay up-to-date with the competition and incorporate the latest processes in-time for maximum gain. 

To achieve this, you need an outsourcing company that not only stays abreast of the latest processes and technologies but also offers you technical expertise and a strong team of analytical minds adept at evaluating and embracing the latest trends. 

This is exactly where the ARDEM advantage comes in.  We offer you expertise in data entry, extraction and processing, proprietary automation solutions, customized solutions, and cloud-based collaboration platforms along with real-time updates and visible results to promote trust and transparency, 

Advantages: Qualified & Experienced Team, Automation Solutions, Cloud-Based Solutions, Data Processing Solutions.

Services: Business Process Outsourcing, Automation, Finance & Accounts, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Government

ARDEM provides a variety of outsourcing solutions related to various processes in the retail industry that can help you improve your customer service. Our considerable experience working with multiple clients in the retail industry has taught us about the vital importance of customer experience, and how positive customer support and service can make or mar a company. 

With a growing customer base, it becomes a large task to utilize the data from loyalty programs, questionnaires, customer surveys, and more. Understanding the customer not only improves customer relationships, but it also allows you to optimize your market products and services.

Our customized retail outsourcing solutions help establish a streamlined business process to handle large volumes of data and back office support tasks, and this further enables our clients to reap the long-term benefits of a reduced overall cost, increased accuracy and efficiency, and faster turnaround times. All this works to improve customer service at your end. 

Advantages: Faster Processing Times, Real-Time Data Processing, Retail Document Processing & Conversion. 

Services: Sweepstakes Data Processing, Warranty Card Data Entry & Extraction, Data Mining, Order Fulfilment, Back Office Support, Order Processing

Yes, we provide managed financial services outsourcing and accounting solutions to a variety of clients both nationwide and globally. You can outsource all of your accounting department functions including individual functions related to accounts payable, expense reports, general ledger reconciliation, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, and bank reconciliation.

We employ a mix of smart people, smart processes and the right technology like automation and cloud-based management platforms to bring about digital transformation in your finance and accounting processes. 

Advantages: High Accuracy, Increased Efficiency, Faster Cycle Times. 

Services: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoice Processing, Bookkeeping, Finance & Accounting

The next big trend in outsourcing is customized outsourcing solutions and we at ARDEM can proudly say that we have customized business process outsourcing solutions since day one. 

Whenever we onboard a new client or business, our team takes the time to understand the current business processes and workflow, then we break down every step of the process and optimize it to deliver a fully tailored solution that transforms the current processes to deliver success. 

Advantages: Competitive Advantage, Higher ROIs, Reduced Costs, Customized Solutions. 

Services: BPO, Automation, Back Office Support, Finance & Accounting Solutions, Survey Management

We start by understanding your process, following the golden triangle of consult-delivery-propose for optimized project management. 

Our team will get in touch with you directly to gain an initial understanding of your business needs, the full scope of work and any other additional requirements. We will then proceed to discover the details of your current processes to analyze the current workflow. Following this, our team proposes a solution that aims to optimize your workstream for maximum performance.

At this stage, ARDEM will recruit and train your team, implement automation and deliver the proof of concept. Based on the feedback received, we will further revise and define the best possible solution for you. However, we are not done yet. We will implement the finalized solution and then study its performance to optimize further and deliver a successful solution. Our project management guidelines will ensure transparency and open communication between you and our team at every stage of execution. 

Advantages: Customized Solutions, Successful Solutions, Reduced Costs, Improved Efficiency. 

Services: BPO, Back Office, Finance & Accounting, Data Processing, Government Solutions

Robotic process automation is a strategic tool for success that applies advanced AI, machine learning and automation technologies to optimize business processes. 

We customize software bots by coding them to perform according to your optimized business processes. You can simply log in and upload your files into our cloud server after which ARDEM’s cloud-based robotic process automation kicks in. Our bots extract and organize the data from the extracted files. The processed files are compiled and ready to be downloaded at your convenience.

Advantages: Cost Reduction, Improved Accuracy/Quality, Increased Productivity, Enhanced Customer Experience. 

Services: Business Processes Outsourcing, Data Entry, Data Mining, Application & Claims Processing.

Business process automation (BPA) refers to the process by which complex business processes like data entry, document management, etc., are optimized and automated to provide successful business growth solutions. 

At ARDEM, we offer our clients advanced business process automation with our proprietary ARDEM bots that are configured to your exact process requirements. 

Our bots are capable of carrying out multi-process sequences; they receive data, separate the different data forms, split them into different categories, and output the data into a flat file, and then proceed to name and encrypt the final output. Discover advanced automation solutions for your business with ARDEM today!

Advantages: Intelligent Automated Solutions, Advanced Bot Technology, Efficient Workflow. 

Services: Financial, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, Commercial, Manufacturing, Government

We offer businesses a variety of tech support outsourcing solutions including business process automation, robotic process automation, and ARDEM automation with our proprietary range of software bots.

Our headquarters, in New Jersey, hosts the in-house cloud-based network that enables us to provide our clients with advanced cloud computing solutions inclusive of cloud collaboration platforms like ARDEM collaboration, as well as cloud-based BPaaS solutions for invoice management, accounts payable processing, utility bill management, and survey management among others. 

Advantages: Machine Learning & AI Technologies, OCR Technology, Customized Solutions. 

Services: ARDEM Data Capture, ARDEM Automation, ARDEM Cloud Platforms.

Over the years, outsourcing has grown from just data entry services to cover a wide spectrum of solutions including accounts payable processing, invoice management, utility bill management, survey reporting, and customer service solutions.

At ARDEM, apart from the above services, we also offer a variety of automation services including business process automation, robotic process automation, and ARDEM automation

We also link business with cloud computing services through our cloud-based collaboration platforms: ARDEM Collaboration, the ARDEM Invoice Manager, the ARDEM Survey Manager, and the ARDEM Utility Manager. These platforms provide real-time access to data and trends.   

Advantages: Customized Solutions, Automation Solutions, Cloud-based Solutions.

Services: Business Outsourcing Services, Real-Time Data Processing, Automation Services, Collaboration Platforms. 

At ARDEM, we sincerely believe that successful solutions start with a successful team. We curate the most qualified team members with deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience to provide the highest accuracy and quality of work based on your industry. All team members are college-educated.

For example- for an accounts payable solution: analysts will have relevant experience working in your financial suite (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics).  Also, they will have a college background in the following areas: Finance/Accounting, Mathematics, Engineering.

Each team consists of a qualified Project Manager, the appropriate number of analysts, along with full IT support, and a competent program/developer team, who come together to create successful solutions for your business.

Additionally here at ARDEM, we take pride in becoming a part of your business team and are always available exactly when you need us. We listen to your needs. The ability to scale when needed is always just a simple phone call away.

Advantages: Multiple Skill Sets at one effective rate, Fully-Equipped Team, Project Managers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Quality Control Team, IT Support, Net Developer, Programmers. 

Services: Business Process Solutions, Back Office Support ServicesAccounts Payable, Invoice Management Solutions.

One of the biggest concerns while outsourcing your business processes is the fear of data theft or breach. While your fears are completely justified, it is important to know that outsourcing companies are equally serious about this threat and employ a series of security measures to protect your sensitive data. 

At ARDEM, we recognize that with data security comes great responsibility, and that’s exactly why we practice ISO27001- this addresses security at 3 main levels: Physical, Network, and Employee.  Appropriate redundancies are in place at all 3 levels. Standard practice for us includes VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols during file transfer and at rest, Biometric security protocols, as well as HIPAA, PCI and GDPR compliance.

Apart from our security compliances and protocols, we are also extremely careful about who we expose your data to. In terms of our data entry services, access to sensitive data is strictly on a need-to-know basis, and we have measures in place that ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

Our foundation started 16 years ago working as a U.S. Federal Government contractor. We know security! Processing Confidential Materials is our forte. Throughout the lifetime of our company, there has never been any data breach of any kind. Please ask for more security information to be provided during the initial discovery.

Advantages: ISO27001, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR Compliances, Stringent Security Measures, Assured Data Security.

Services: Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Capture.

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India has a large youth population composed of well-educated adults with the zeal to prove themselves and do better. The availability of a highly committed, analytical workforce that delivers consistent services of high quality at a more reasonable price makes India the perfect destination for business process outsourcing services. Our operations office in Lucknow, India, boasts of a strong team of college-educated professionals who come with strong analytical and problem-solving skills to deliver successful solutions. 

ARDEM is a global outsourcing provider.  ARDEM Partnerships provide the benefits of working with our team that is located both in the United States along with our Global operations located in Lucknow.  This means your company receives all the benefits of offshore outsourcing with the added benefit of onshore outsourcing. No need to worry about timezone delays, language barriers, or lack of visibility into your process- we have you covered!

 Advantages: Visibility, Fully Outsourced Solutions, Highly Educated Team, Greater Throughput Efficiency, Increased Productivity, Faster Turnaround, Competitive Pricing.

Services: Business Process Outsourcing Services, Real-Time Data Processing, 3-Shift Schedules, Trained and Qualified Team. 

Did you know that ARDEM was ranked among the top data entry outsourcing companies in 2019

We provide a wide range of data entry outsourcing services, whether it be data entry from paper forms or images, and even process data directly into your database. With the aid of our proprietary and innovative technologies, we guarantee a higher level of efficiency and accuracy that translates into a higher ROI for you. 

Our Data Entry Solutions are built so that you can focus on what matters most to your company.  Let us handle the details of data entry. Our solutions will always deliver the highest quality of data, in the fastest cycle time, at the most competitive price.

Advantages: Proprietary data entry process to yield ~100% accuracy. Automated Data Capture + Effort-based data entry processes, Online Data Entry Directly to Your System, Automated Data Feed via API, Flat File Delivery to your ERP.

Services: Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Capture, Data Entry for Surveys, Data Entry from Invoices, Rebates, Claims Processing, Document Indexing.

Traditionally, the main and most obvious benefit of business process outsourcing is the reduced operating cost. Instead of hiring expensive resources, you simply outsource your business process to a third-party agency with a different compensation structure and smart resources. 

However, in reality, the scope of business process outsourcing is so much more than simply reducing the cost of operations. Outsourcing enables you to enjoy higher quality services that give you a competitive advantage. The outsourcing of business processes like data entry or invoice processing also frees up your existing resources, leaving you free to focus on key competencies and scaling your business.

Advantages: Lower Cost of Operations, High-Quality Work, Scalable Growth Solutions. 

Services: Data Entry, Cloud Collaboration Platforms, Finance & Accounting, Survey Manager.


Back office services are solutions built to handle the administrative and support processes in a company that is traditionally non-client facing. Processes include finance and accounting, record or application processing, data entry, and compliance type needs.

When it comes to providing back office services, no one is as committed as ARDEM to create a streamlined process that manages and executes your back end operations seamlessly.

We analyze your business needs and tailor the perfect team for your business consisting of application engineers, database designers, workflow experts, process and quality engineers, trainers, and project managers.

Advantages: Qualified Project Managers, Analytical FTEs, Full IT Support, Developers, Programmers, Transparency, Continuous Improvement.

Services: Data Entry Services, Document Processing, Application Processing, Order Entry, and Claims Processing.