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ARDEM Insurance Outsourcing Services

Insurance Business Process Outsourcing Services to help Insurance businesses improve operational efficiency and reduce cost.

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How Insurance BPO is Improving Efficiency

Insurance Outsourcing for Faster Claims Processing

Hiring the Best Insurance Claim Processors

Insurance Claim Processing can require both data entry skills as well analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve exceptions in the claim processing. Claims data entry needs to be accurate and fast. Resolution of claims needs to be correct.


Customized solutions, tailored to your specific requirements for higher ROI.


Sensitive data is protected in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and PII.


Experienced teams with deep-industry knowledge for greater accuracy and scalability.

Insurance Outsourcing Solutions

Insurance firms receive large volumes of insurance commission statements, forms and claim applications on a daily basis. All this data needs to be organized as soon as possible with great accuracy and speed. With day-to-day repetitive tasks like data entry, ARDEM offers smart insurance bpo services to help clear away your backlog by implementing OCR technology, intelligent automation, and responsive solutions for faster processing. 

Ensure your path to success with advanced enterprise data management.

Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing

Warranty Claims Processing

Forms Processing Services

Insurance Data Entry

Mailroom Processing


How Outsourcing is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

You have probably heard of the rising trend of outsourcing healthcare services and the increasing debate over whether it is a sustainable solution to the resource shortage in the healthcare industry. However, the bigger concerns about the fate of outsourcing healthcare services are whether these solutions are scalable or not and how can healthcare services be outsourced without compromising the quality of service?


Document Storage and Indexing




Data Capture and Conversion


Document Processing and Digitization


High-Speed Scanning and Imaging


Data Extraction and Cleansing


Data Processing and Mining

Our Processes For Efficient Insurance Outsourcing Solutions

The insurance industry is constantly changing making it even more critical for insurers to strategically assess their current process and adopt a more efficient solution. Overqualified staff are often burdened with these tedious and time-consuming back office tasks. Businesses are then left with growing backlogs and limited growth capabilities. Ensure your path to success with smarter insurance outsourcing solutions to save costs, increase productivity, maintain an in-house team of specialists, and focus on core competencies.


The Importance of Training Remote Employees

The need of the hour is to equip your teams with effective collaboration tools and subscribe to a secure digital workplace that offers extensive connection, communication and sharing features. However, merely equipping your remote teams is not enough. This is the time to build a strong team, leverage diverse talent and create protocols for remote working.

Smart Solutions

Streamlining your workstream with workflow automation to improve backend efficiency.

Quality and Security Assurance

Double-key data entry ensures high-quality output while ISO27001 certification ensures data protection.

24 HR Processing

Round-the-clock processing for shorter cycle times and cost-effective services.

Engineered for Success

Scalable solutions backed by AI, machine learning and RPA to ensure enterprise success.

Insurance BPO Services to Help Our Clients Reduce Costs. Using Data Entry Automation and Qualified Data Entry Analysts ARDEM delivers High Quality Insurance Outsourcing Services.