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It is designed to


It is designed to

ARDEM Collaboration + Invoice Manager

Technology That Drives Collaborative Success

ARDEM Invoice Manager (AIM)

Reduce the Average Cost of Processing by an Immediate 30%

The ARDEM Invoice Manager (AIM) is a cloud-based network that allows you to gain better visibility to improve your AP and invoice processing. With simple and customizable features, the Dashboard provides you with an overall view of all of your current invoices.

Not only can you see how many invoices were received, but also which stage they are currently in to ensure a smooth payment process. Your dashboard can be customized to show the different trends from PO to non-PO invoices received monthly, to how many invoices you have received throughout the entire year.

ardem invoice manager for Accounts Payable Solutions

White Paper

Tackling the Challenges of In-House AP Processing

What are the challenges of in-house accounts payable processing? Follow the paper trail and identify the best strategies to streamline your process with automation and utilize the benefits of outsourcing.

How It Works

upload documents directly into our cloud network

Email, Scan, or Upload Invoices

Mail physical invoices directly to ARDEM where we can sort, scan, and upload the images to the cloud network

Invoices can also be emailed directly to ARDEM where invoices can be processed in real time

Upload any invoices directly to the ARDEM Invoice Manager just by logging in

Auto-generated notifications will be sent to confirm the receipt of all of your invoices.

extract data

Streamlined Approver Process

One of the biggest bottlenecks in the Accounts Payable process is getting invoices passed through multiple approvers. Placing invoices on an approver’s desk or sending an email with an invoice attached easily gets lost or goes unnoticed.

Once invoices have been uploaded onto the ARDEM invoice manager, they will be 3 or 4 way matched, reviewed, and an auto-generated notification will be sent for multi-level approval.

process data

Easy to Integrate

Vendor invoices are received in multiple different physical and electronic formats – ARDEM Data Capture utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to map out different vendor invoice formats to normalize extracted data.

This data can be reviewed and edited in the ARDEM Invoice Manager, saved, and downloaded in the file type that is easily ingested into your system reducing the need for a large IT overhaul.

Integrate With Your Financial Suite

Case Study

Accounts Payable Solution for a Large Inbound Marketing Firm

A leading marketing services client was processing invoices from approximately 800 separate vendors every month in their accounts payable team. The incoming invoices are from US based vendors as well as vendors located in Singapore, Australia, Ireland and Germany.

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