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ARDEM Cloud Platforms

Provide Easy Access to Business Process Automation and Business Process Outsourcing Technologies to Help Your Growth.

Cloud Platforms can be digital workspaces used for managing accounts payable, utility bill management, invoice processing, and many other business process workflows. Cloud Platforms help increase collaboration between remote work teams and can increase productivity. The use of Cloud Platforms can help speed up invoice approvals in the account payable workflow, as an example. Our Accounts Payable management platform automates the entire invoice processing workflow, from data capture to invoice approval to payment, reducing processing time and errors. Our Utility Invoice management platform handles the collection, processing, and analysis of utility bills, ensuring timely payments and accurate financial reporting. ARDEM Cloud Platforms can streamline workflow processes and are increasingly being utilized to deliver business process outsourcing services to our clients.

Cloud Workspace

Cloud Services for Business Process Outsourcing

ARDEM Collaboration

For a nominal monthly subscription fee you get access to a workspace on our cloud server. The cloud server is provided by Amazon Web Services with strict security protocols in place. Each user has a secure log in protocol using latest SSO protocols.

Once connected to the work space you can drag and drop your work documents for processing to your secure folders, chat with your account representative to describe the work you want your team to do, interact with your team members, review status of your project, leave new instructions, follow up on issues related to your assignment, and monitor progress on Dashboards on our cloud platforms.

Your Digital Workspace

Review the status of your project and leave comments or new instructions directly on a file or assignment. Easily view the status of all assignments in real-time.
Business Process Outsourcing Services

Upload and Share Files

Easily drag and drop to share files with the entire team. You can also forward emails with attachments which will be ingested into the processing cycle.

Stay Connected

Collaborate with your team members via email, chat, or video call. Easily share files and provide comments or new instructions for any assignment.

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform

Work From Anywhere and Stay Connected

How does it work? Provide us with your requirements and get access to a workspace on our cloud server. Download our ARDEM Collaboration White Paper to learn more about how our platform helps power your business.

ARDEM Technology

In today’s modern world businesses must be efficient and adaptable in order to meet demand. Through the use of cloud platforms, businesses gain visibility, improve accuracy, productivity, and cut overall operational costs.

ARDEM Invoice Manager

Streamline your Accounts Payables and invoice processing while increasing visibility. Utilizing our dashboards with simple and customized features, you can easily see how many invoices have been received, what stage of processing they are all in, and how many are awaiting approval for payment. With ARDEM’s cloud invoice processing, you can ensure timely processing for all vendor invoices.

ardem invoice manager for Accounts Payable Solutions

ARDEM Utility Manager

Utility Bill Processing comes with many challenges due to the variance between service providers. Combining advanced data capture technology and data entry methodology we streamline your bill processing by increasing accuracy, shortening turnaround time, and reducing costs.  Outsourcing Utility Bill Management Services to ARDEM ensures businesses can efficiently process their utility bills.

ARDEM Survey Manager

Track all of your campaigns by date, location, month, quarter, year, or campaign type. Once a survey has been uploaded, electronic copies of each survey will be tagged with a unique ID so that can be viewed and referenced on the ARDEM Survey Manager. Push button reporting allows you to customize and create individual reports based on specific questions or answers to make data-driven decisions.

Survey Processing Services
ARDEM Immunization Manager Cloud Platforms

ARDEM Immunization Manager

The ARDEM Immunization Manager is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize vaccination data management. It offers secure storage of vaccination records, seamless management of insurance details, and real-time vaccination count tracking. The platform utilizes advanced data capture technology for accurate and efficient data extraction. Its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, compliance with regulations, and scalability make it an unparalleled solution for individuals, healthcare providers, and governments. Embrace the ARDEM Immunization Manager to enhance vaccination efforts and contribute to a safer and healthier future.

ARDEM Virtual Manager

ARDEM Virtual Manager is a revolutionary platform that offers clients a live and comprehensive view of their projects, providing valuable insights into data processing, analyst performance, and project milestones. Key features include real-time project tracking, data processing analytics, and analyst performance metrics. Clients can analyze historical data, set and track project goals, and receive customizable reports. The platform enhances project visibility, facilitates proactive decision-making, streamlines collaboration, and fosters continuous improvement. With its scalability and data-driven precision, ARDEM Virtual Manager empowers businesses to optimize project outcomes efficiently in a data-centric world.

ARDEM Virtual Manager AVM Cloud Platforms
Virtual Trainig

ARDEM Virtual Training Services

ARDEM recruits and trains skilled talent with adaptable skills in standard industry practices for high-performance results. Using our virtual training platform, we evaluate and revamp operations to boost productivity and efficiency. This eliminates risk and allows us to provide fully trained teams that are ready to provide back-office support.

ARDEM Accounts Payable Manager

ARDEM AP Manager is a game-changing platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive and real-time overview of their Account Payable projects. Key features include real-time project status tracking, ticket management, email tracking, invoice payment tracking, and customizable reports.

The platform streamlines project management, improves payment accuracy, and enhances vendor relationships. It empowers organizations with data-driven decision-making and proactive issue resolution, optimizing Account Payable processes for maximum efficiency. With ARDEM AP Manager, businesses can experience the future of Account Payable management and drive success with real-time insights and efficient project management. With ARDEM AP Manager, businesses can optimize their accounts payable process flow, ensuring collaboration and improved process efficiency.


How to Securely Work with Remote Teams

As businesses and firms shift to remote models of working, the new virtual workplace needs a new set of codes for effective supervision and collaboration. Another important factor that you need to take care of is securing your employees’ work and sensitive data that is shared across systems via cloud servers.

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