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ARDEM Collaboration Platform

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform is a cloud-based Workspace where Remote Teams can Work Together.

ARDEM’s All-In-One Platform

Technology That Drives Collaborative Success

The Future Digital Workspace

For a nominal monthly subscription fee you get access to a workspace on our cloud server. The cloud server is provided by Amazon Web Services with strict security protocols in place. Each user has a secure log in protocol using latest SSO protocols.

Once connected to the work space you can drag and drop your work documents for processing to your secure folders, chat with your account representative to describe the work you want your team to do, interact with your team members, review status of your project, leave new instructions, follow up on issues related to your assignment, and monitor progress on Dashboards.

Login to the Platform

ARDEM will provide unique login credentials to access the ARDEM Collaboration Manager (ACM) via a web browser.


The cloud server is provided by AWS with strict security protocols in place with the latest SSO protocols.

Your Workspace

Manage work assignments for your team, upload documents onto secure folders, or dowload output files.


APIs can also be further built in to optimize and streamline your large volume data processing needs.

White Paper

Work From Anywhere and Stay Connected

How does it work? Provide us with your requirements and get access to a workspace on our cloud server. Download our ARDEM Collaboration White Paper to learn more about how our platform helps power your business.

Additional Features and Functionalities

Stay connected with your team members via email, chat, for video call capabilities. Review the status of your projects and follow up on issues related to your assisngment and easily upload and share files. By leveraging a large talent pool with your ARDEM team, we incorporate people with multiple skills and technology to ensure successful delivery on all assignments.

By adding on additional features such as the ARDEM Invoice Manager, ARDEM Utility Manager, and ARDEM Survey Manager, you gain additional reporting capabilities to increase visibility. These dashboards allow you to keep track of counts, metrics, and progress of your accounts payable, utility bill processing, survey campaigns, and more!

ARDEM Collaboration Digital Workspace


How to Manage Your Remote Teams Effectively

While offices have witnessed an increased use of collaborative tools and advanced technology, the current situation is seeing a paradigm shift in the structure of the traditional office space. From eliminating the need for paperwork to eliminating the need for physical office space itself, modern technology has completely transformed the working space, swapping desks and conference tables for virtual platforms.

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