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ARDEM Utility Manager

The ARDEM Utility Manager allows you to easily track consumption and spend data for all of your utility bills. Increase your visibility in order to lower costs and improving sustainability efforts company-wide.

ARDEM Collaboration + Utility Manager

Technology That Drives Collaborative Success

Login to the Platform

Gain access to your work space and view the progress of all received utility bills in real-time.

Upload Utility Bills

Easily upload your utility bills  and they are automatically ingested  into the processing cycle.

Data Extraction

Through our automated processing cycle, data from utility bills are extracted into a flat file.

Ready-To-Use Data

Utility bill data will be available for download in your preferred file type to be ingested into your system.

Extract Data from All Utility Bills

Utility Bill Processing comes with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between service providers. Combining advance data capture technology and data entry methodology we streamline your bill processing by increasing accuracy, shortening turnaround time, and reducing costs by supporting all utility bill formats.

White Paper

Normalizing Data For Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

What are the 4 challenges of utility bill management? In our white paper we help identify the monthly costs of inefficiency and how outsourcing utility bill automation can not only improve costs but also reduce your cycle time for faster data.

ARDEM Utility Bill Manager Features

Connect with all your locations globally through a single platform. By adding the ARDEM Utility Manager onto the Collaboration Platform, you gain access to additionally functionalities to improve visibility. Once all your utility bills are uploaded, they are automatically ingested into our processing cycle. Data is extracted and is quickly made available to measure both consumption and usage.

Customized reporting features and push button reporting allows you to view data at the account and meter level to compare with historical data.

Case Study

Streamlining Utility Data Collection and Extraction for a Software Company

A software company focused on providing solutions for energy and manufacturing industries was looking to outsource their utility data collection and extraction process. The data collected from utility bills provided a fully outlined historical view of all the data on each bill such as consumption, meter number and total cost along with any descriptions provided.

Upload Your Utility Bills

Easily upload your utility bills as an email attachment, batch upload, or scraped off the web.

Payments Made On-Time

All bills are steamlined to make payments on time to avoid any late penalties.

Track With Reports

Track consumption, usage, and spend to maximize your costs and sustainability efforts.

Automated Notifications

Automated notification emails can be set up to alert the team of any random spikes in consumption or usage.

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