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“We believe in human ability to solve complex problems. We believe that people are inherently good. We believe hard work yields desired results. We believe persistence leads to success. We believe that all people are pursuing the same goals of happiness.”

We are ARDEM Incorporated

When I arrived at JFK in 1978, the airline had lost my baggage. I literally came to this country with only the clothes on my back. My experience of developing through school in New York and Ohio and subsequently working for large corporations for 20+ years, set the stage for the launch of ARDEM Incorporated in 2004. The mantras were simple: a) Work hard b) Do Your Best c) Try, Try Again d) Do It Now. These I had learned from my father as a young boy.

Thus when I started ARDEM Incorporated from the study in my home (sorry, not the garage), the guiding principles for ARDEM were the same. We are always going to work hard and remember that our paychecks come from happy customers who should always get the very best solution that we can deliver. We will always be persistent in our efforts for continuous improvement and we will always deliver on our commitments, on time.

Our first customer order was for the scan conversion of 5 large drawings for one hundred dollars. We have grown since then. This year we will scan around 12-15 million pages. We will key data from roughly 5 million forms. We will process public opinion surveys from over 100 cities and townships across the country. We work for big names, small businesses, and independent consultants. ARDEM Incorporated provides document scanning services and data entry services to Bio-Medical, Financial, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail businesses across the country. We have been awarded a GSA contract for Document Conversion Services by the federal government adding the US Army, Veterans Administration, Department of Interior and National Institute of Health to our list of clients.

We believe that every call should be answered by a person rather than an endless voice messaging system. We believe customers come to us looking for a solution and it is our job to offer them the best solution we can within their target budget and within their time requirements. We believe in treating everyone fair. At ARDEM, we believe in being a positive contributor to our community and to our environment.

Arun MalhotraPresident
ARDEM Incorporated

This is how our Customers Rate Us



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Our Team

Working with you and your company has been a distinct pleasure. From the initial scanning to the finish product, all those involved in the County Clerk’s office have been impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited and by your commitment to quality outcome.

Bradford Kendall, Dutchess County- New York

I just received a phone call from Marcie of Procurement with State of Wisconsin asking about ARDEM. Of course, I gave you a great reference.

Nancy Butler, Dept of Health Arkansas

It has been a pleasure working with your company and I will let others know to go to you for surveys.

Brenda Venner, US Navy

ARDEM is a great contact to have. Their quick turnaround with the amount of information we gave them was impressive. The work was legible and easy to understand. It helped us to complete our work by our very short deadline.

Melinda Lee, Fleishman Hillard

Thanks for all the great work. We’ll definitely keep you in mind in future if we need any more work done.

Mike Quinn, Veterans Administration Medical Center

Thank you for your excellent service and responsiveness on all of the projects we’ve completed.

Noelle Vaillancourt, National Research Center

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