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Why Accurate Survey Data Entry is Important for Public Opinion Research

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Cities flourish and become more appealing when the residents provide their feedback to the local government. In order to collect this information from residents, paper surveys are distributed to see what can be improved to provide a better living experience. These paper surveys contain multiple questions as well as a space for open ended responses allowing residents to provide additional feedback, making survey data entry crucial.

“Two immediate challenges are created when collecting data from paper surveys: the large volume of data, and, all of the data received being handwritten.”

Paper surveys need to be mailed to respondents, received back from the respondents, opened, and sorted before data can be collected from them. This requires document processing and data entry, which can cost the researcher a lot of money when the work is done in house. For efficient large volume processing of surveys, outsourcing to a survey processing company can help reduce the time and cost needed to collect survey data.

Digitization Reduces Time and Cost For Survey Data Entry

Paper surveys may hold the necessary information to improve the community, however, the time and effort needed to process the data is a challenge. This challenge can be addressed through the digitization of paper surveys and the extraction of data from the surveys into an organized data file. Advantages of data extraction to a flat file database include low storage requirements, ease of maintenance, and speed of downstream tasks that require data analysis.

With a large volume of residents being surveyed from each community, the task of mail processing and sorting can become another challenge. Outsourcing both the mail receipt of surveys and the extraction of data allows the public opinion research company to achieve faster processing turnaround times as well as higher accuracy of data collected. A national public opinion research firm surveying New York City residents saved on both time and cost by outsourcing these processes onto ARDEM.

Why Accurate Survey Data Entry is Important for Public Opinion Research

Feedback from survey data provides valuable data that can not only improve a community, but also help improve and optimize different processes. ARDEM provides accurate survey data entry!

Why Outsource to ARDEM?

Surveys can be mailed directly to ARDEM PO Box. Surveys are picked up daily, and survey envelopes are opened and surveys are sorted. All surveys are scanned to be processed in their individual steams, and daily counts of surveys received and processed are maintained. The data platform has built in verification, validation, and quality check routines which assure the highest level of data accuracy.

Survey data entry requires a great attention to detail when trying to decipher light or illegible handwriting in order to accurately capture the data. This process is crucial when extracting open-ended answers. In order to combat this challenge multiple programmatic routines are set in place to accurately transcribe the survey data. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, ARDEM implements multiple levels of quality checks before delivering the data.

ARDEM guarantees all data is collected and delivered in the most efficient manner, without jeopardizing accuracy. The robust processes in place allow ARDEM to deliver success to you.

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