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Data Entry Services

Data can come in various forms – paper, electronic, or even from images. This is why businesses look towards outsourcing to streamline all data entry to be delivered in a flat file or entered directly into a database. Check out ARDEM’s blog for more on Data Entry Services!

Utility Bill Data Entry

How Utility Bill Data Entry is Helping Sustainability Management

By Data Entry Services, Document Processing, Utility Bill Processing
When a business applies sustainable practices to its operations, facilities, and the community in general, it is called sustainability management.

Sustainable processes lower energy consumption, manage and recycle waste, encourage growth, and utilize resources keeping the future generations at priority. They also keep a business safe from legal and regulatory tangles. Read More

Best Accounting Data Entry To Save You Money

ARDEM’s Accounting Data Entry To Save Your Business Hours

By Data Entry Services, Finance & Accounting
Significant accuracy and cycle time improvements can be achieved when Data Entry Services are utilized in Accounting. As an accounting company, you have to deal with vast amounts of data daily, which is time-consuming and tedious work. Stop spending myriad hours on data entry tasks someone else can do for you. Most companies outsource to accounting data entry providers to manage crucial financial data. Read More

Accurate Data Entry Goals

How do you get Highly Accurate Data Entry?

By Data Entry Services
How do you get key data from 10,000 forms and have less than three errors? What is the secret to achieving High Accuracy Data Entry? Highly accurate Data Entry has progressed beyond merely transcribing data from paper to digital format. Much of the data is still collected on paper – surveys, opinion polls, customer loyalty forms, medical claims, and application forms. This data, to be effectively utilized, needs to be converted to digital. The need is not only to transcribe this data but also to achieve close to 100% accuracy in converting data from paper to digital format.  Read More