Understanding Your Process



ARDEM will begin by gaining an initial understanding of your immediate need, the scope of work and any additional requirements. This is usually done through a video conference or phone call.



ARDEM’s goal is to understand the details of your current process to be able to layout the proposed workflow. This is usually done through a video conference and screen share.



Based on what is learned during Discovery and previous related experience, ARDEM will propose a solution. A process will be mapped and defined in detail by working directly with you to ensure all of your needs are addressed.

Team – Technology – Proof of Concept

Team - Technology - Proof of Concept
  • ARDEM will assign a dedicated project manager who has experience in the required scope of work.

  • ARDEM will recruit and train your team.

  • ARDEM will implement automation technology.

  • ARDEM will deliver the proof of concept.


Using your feedback, ARDEM will
  • The transition plan typically consists of a phased ramp up. This reduces your risk and eases the transition when adding ARDEM as a new partner.
  • ARDEM will start with a small percentage of the work before moving to full production. Typically, 30-90 day period.
  • ARDEM will continue to make adjustments based on lessons learned and your feedback.

Full Production

  • Full Production Reached

  • Continuous Improvement – Further Automation to Increase Efficiency

  • Together We Identify Additional Opportunities That Help Your Business Grow

  • Success Delivered