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Outsourcing is Not Just for Saving Cost

By Business Process Outsourcing, Business Trends
To outsource or not – Is a million dollar question in every C-Executive’s mind with a wide variety of multifaceted tasks. There is a very strong trade-off in terms of not only cost but also various qualitative factors. While cost is at the core of any strategic decision to outsource – you might even want to consider various other reasons as we have outlined ahead.
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Non-Profit Organizations NPO Outsource

Why Do Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) Outsource Their Back-Office Work?

By Industries, Management
A Non-Profit Organization (NPO), in contrast to a usual profit-making business, is incorporated and executed to provide services for societal, public, and communal benefit. Unlike regular organizations, these entities do not run to earn a profit. Any excess of revenue over expenditures does not go to the private parties and is used to fulfill the organization’s mission and objectives.

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