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Vendor Payments on time by CFOs

How CFOs are Ensuring On-Time Vendor Payments?

By Business Process Outsourcing, Financial Services, Industries, Management
Business is about relationships. Before revenue, profits, top line, bottom line, organic growth, inorganic growth, or any other things; it is about relationships. No jargon can define business more simply. It is much costlier to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. However, relationships do not go till clients only. It is on the supplier side as well. You simply can’t afford to lose a vendor whom you can trust. The relationship between a vendor is as important as that of clients.
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Staff Shortages addressed by CFOs

How CFOs are Addressing Current Staff Shortages?

By Business Process Outsourcing, Industries, Management
Covid-19 has disrupted the business landscape of the country completely. Permanent work from home, high inflation rate, and increasing attrition rate have changed the way companies work. These are challenges for the business leaders. However, maybe the most critical of all the challenges is quality staff shortage. The CFOs are facing this problem. And they have to take many innovative and drastic actions to address the current staff shortage.
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Non-Profit Organizations NPO Outsource

Why Do Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) Outsource Their Back-Office Work?

By Industries, Management
A Non-Profit Organization (NPO), in contrast to a usual profit-making business, is incorporated and executed to provide services for societal, public, and communal benefit. Unlike regular organizations, these entities do not run to earn a profit. Any excess of revenue over expenditures does not go to the private parties and is used to fulfill the organization’s mission and objectives.

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Why Should You Outsource Your HR Functions? 

By Business Process Outsourcing, Management
Human resources can be not so resourceful as it needs to cater to not just hiring but their training, labor cost of Hiring these days can be challenging as finding the right resource in a limited budget can be like a dream. Managing a large number of employees can become very tiresome and time-consuming for a company. And this is where the benefits of HR Outsourcing would come into the picture. Read More