Data Entry Services

We Build Data Entry Solutions

Data Entry Services

We Build Data Entry Solutions


ARDEM Ranked #1 Data Entry Outsourcing Company in 2019


Data Entry From Paper Forms

Documents that require data entry services can be received both physically through mail or electronically on a cloud-based platform. ARDEM creates fully managed data entry services teams to perform 100% verification of data and will deliver the output in the file format that best fits your needs. Digital scans of physical documents can be created to create a digital archive.


Data Entry From Images

If you have already scanned your forms, upload these forms to our secure encrypted FTP server or cloud-based platform. Our Data Entry Services team will keep track of your daily transmissions to us and work for you in real-time.


Outsource Data Entry Directly Into Your Database

Data can be keyed directly into your database through a secure connection to your server. Alternatively, we can create various output file formats including ASCII text, DAT, CSV, XLSX, TXT etc. which can be imported directly into your system. If you need some help with your database, we can map the data output file formats to match your data file import format requirements.


Outsourcing Your Data Entry Process

Information is coming to you on paper and you can outsource the complete data entry process. Everything from the receipt of mail forms, the scanning, and imaging of the incoming forms, the data entry from these forms,the hosting, and file management of data and image files to a top quality data entry company; ARDEM.


Why Do I Need Data Entry Services?

Our data entry services are used for data entry from surveys, data entry from health claim forms, data entry from customer sign up forms, data entry from product registrations, data entry from rebate forms and data entry from application forms. We key data from immunization forms, medical claim forms, test requisition forms, collecting marine data for a federal government agency, and keying prospect list data for a market research company.


Data Entry Everywhere

ARDEM provides Data Entry Services to our clients in New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and all 50 states. We are your data entry company to provide outsourcing services for all of your projects.


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Data Entry Outsourcing Services

ARDEM builds data entry solutions to help our clients reduce costs. Using automation technologies and qualified analysts we deliver high quality data on time.

 Reduce In-House Manual Errors

Reduce In-House Manual Errors


Free Up Internal Staff


Focus on What You Do Best

Data Extraction

Data Mining

Data Analysis

Data Capture

Data Entry from public opinion surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, product surveys, consumer research surveys and market research surveys.
Data Entry from Rebate forms, Sweepstakes, Enter-to-Win, Customer blanks, product promotions, warranty cards, loyalty programs, and more!
Data Entry from the internet, subscription lists, returned mail, petition lists, retail customer sign up cards, excel sheets, social media, and more!
Data Entry from health care claims, insurance claims, medical claims for quicker claims processing and claim collections.
Accurate & Secure Data Processing Services from paper & Electronic based documents including mail fulfillment and analysis
Data entry from paper or digital documents to create intelligent databases and metadata collections. Indexing and cataloging of documents for ease of search and retrieval.

Hire a Data Entry Services Vendor You Can Trust

People. Process. Technology.


Dedicated Project Management

Your project manager is your main point of contact and will communicate between you and your team. Their job is to fully understand your project and ensure that your project runs smoothly.


Fully-Enhanced Workflow

By combining deep industry knowledge with experience we develop a solution that is built to achieve continuous improvement.


Innovative & Proprietary Capture Technologies

Our developers and engineers create custom solutions to help automate your process and streamline it for productivity, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

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ARDEM Data Entry Automation

Applying Efficiency to Increase ROI

With ARDEM’s Data Entry Automation Platform, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges.

Can OCR Automate Your Invoice and Utility Bill Processing?

Machine-Based Data Capture

Automatic extraction and identification of unstructured data to make innovative and data-driven decisions. Collect data at a fraction of the time it takes to complete manually in-house.

Machine Learning and AI

Our data scientists, engineers, and developers combine industry knowledge with experience to develop innovative automation solutions to maximize quality and efficiency while reducing your cycle time and operational costs.


Programmatic Validation

Utilizing AI and Machine Learning programs each data field will be reconciled against the hundreds of millions of data fields that have been run through our platform to ensure 100% clean and verified data.

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Why ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t Enough for Data Entry

Working with you and your company has been a distinct pleasure. From the initial scanning to the finish product, all those involved in the County Clerk’s office have been impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited and by your commitment to quality outcome.

Bradford Kendall, Dutchess County- New York

I just received a phone call from Marcie of Procurement with State of Wisconsin asking about ARDEM. Of course, I gave you a great reference.

Nancy Butler, Dept of Health Arkansas

It has been a pleasure working with your company and I will let others know to go to you for surveys.

Brenda Venner, US Navy

ARDEM is a great contact to have. Their quick turnaround with the amount of information we gave them was impressive. The work was legible and easy to understand. It helped us to complete our work by our very short deadline.

Melinda Lee, Fleishman Hillard

Thanks for all the great work. We’ll definitely keep you in mind in future if we need any more work done.

Mike Quinn, Veterans Administration Medical Center

Thank you for your excellent service and responsiveness on all of the projects we’ve completed.

Noelle Vaillancourt, National Research Center
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