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Accurate Data Entry

Using double-key entries and proprietary methodologies for processing precision.

Large Transaction Processing

Expediting huge volumes of data with round-the-clock processing.

Actionable Insights

Make smarter decisions with advanced automation processes that generate high-quality data for valuable insights.

Cost-Effective Solutions

High-quality services at competitive rates with an immediate cost reduction of 30%.

ARDEM Utilities and Energy

Utilize Advanced Outsourcing Solutions for Increased Efficiency

Utility Bill Processing

Utility Bill Management

Data Normalization

Sustainability Reporting

ARDEM Finance & Accounting

Enjoy Greater Accountability in Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable Services

Accounts Receivable Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Invoice Processing Services

ARDEM Healthcare and Life Sciences

Avail Faster and Accurate Data Entry for Superior Healthcare

Medical Claims

Test Requisition Form

Insurance Applications

Survey Processing

ARDEM Retail

Streamline Order Data Entry for Greater Customer Satisfaction

Sales Order Processing

Data Enrichment

Rebate Data Entry

Order Fulfillment

ARDEM Utilities and Energy

Utilize Advanced Outsourcing Solutions for Increased Efficiency

Bill of Materials

Material Safety Data Sheets

Order Management

Master Data Management

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The ARDEM Advantage

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Large Volume Processing

Optimize your workflow with high-volume data entry services.

Flexible Data Entry

Extracting data from multiple sources including physical and electronic documents, images and other digital formats.

Advanced Data Security

We’re an ISO27001 certified data entry company and experts at keeping your data secure.

Qualified Team

Skilled workplace with in-depth process knowledge that delivers successful solutions for every client, every time.

ARDEM Data Entry Automation

Applying Efficiency to Increase ROI

Can OCR Automate Your Invoice and Utility Bill Processing?

Machine-Based Data Capture

Automatic extraction and identification of unstructured data to make innovative and data-driven decisions. Collect data at a fraction of the time it takes to complete manually in-house.

Machine Learning and AI

Our data scientists, engineers, and developers combine industry knowledge with experience to develop innovative automation solutions to maximize quality and efficiency while reducing your cycle time and operational costs.


Programmatic Validation

Utilizing AI and Machine Learning programs each data field will be reconciled against the hundreds of millions of data fields that have been run through our platform to ensure 100% clean and verified data.

Data Capture

Data Mining

Data Extraction

Data Analysis

  • Data conversion Services

    Data Conversion, Document Conversion, Data File Conversion – XML, HTML Conversion, PDF Conversion, SGML Conversion, TIFF Conversion, Forms Processing and Data Entry, Catalog Conversion and Digitization, Electronic Document Management.

  • Data Mining

    Web Data Mining, Open Source Data Mining, Image Data Mining, Data Mining from Excel, Word, PDF, Data Enrichment, Database Creation

  • ICR Services

    Text Extraction From Image, Handwriting Recognition Software, Text Recognition Software

  • Data Entry

    Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Image Data Entry, Quickbooks Data Entry, Insurance Data Entry, Claims Data Entry, Utility and Invoice Data Entry, ERP Data Entry, CRM Data Entry, Catalog Data Entry, Data Extraction, Data Enrichment, High-Volume Data Entry.

  • Data Processing

    Data Processing, Order Entry and Processing, Purchase Order Management, Transaction Data Processing, Survey Form Processing, Order Processing, Payroll Processing, Compiling Mailing Lists, Word Processing and Formatting.

  • OCR Services

    Data Extraction, Data Capture


Data Entry from public opinion surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, product surveys, consumer research surveys and market research surveys.
Data Entry from Rebate forms, Sweepstakes, Enter-to-Win, Customer blanks, product promotions, warranty cards, loyalty programs, and more!
Data Entry from the internet, subscription lists, returned mail, petition lists, retail customer sign up cards, excel sheets, social media, and more!
Data Entry from health care claims, insurance claims, medical claims for quicker claims processing and claim collections.
Accurate & Secure Data Processing Services from paper & Electronic based documents including mail fulfillment and analysis
Data entry from paper or digital documents to create intelligent databases and metadata collections. Indexing and cataloging of documents for ease of search and retrieval.
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Data Entry Outsourcing Services

ARDEM builds data entry solutions to help our clients reduce costs. Using automation technologies and qualified analysts we deliver high quality data on time.

 Reduce In-House Manual Errors

Reduce In-House Manual Errors


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