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Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services for High-Quality Data Entry at a Lower Data Entry Cost.

Data Entry Services are needed to transcribe data from images and physical forms into digital format so you can benefit from the business insight the data provides. High accuracy data entry services are delivered using data entry automation and qualified  data entry specialists.

ARDEM Ranked #1 Data Entry Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing Data Entry Services improves the efficiency of your Back-Office operation. Data Entry Services are utilized by our clients when there is a need to transcribe data from paper or images to digital format. Data Entry Services are used by our clients in Healthcare, Accounting, Transportation, Insurance, Retail and e-Commerce and almost every other industry.

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Why Data Entry Services from ARDEM?

Data Entry Services are used for inputting large volumes of data into computer systems or databases. Data Entry Services assure our clients accurate data entry. Data Entry is completed from invoices, sales transactions, financial data, for human resource requirements, from insurance applications, from freight bills, from inventory documents and many other business documents. Outsourcing Data Entry Services improves efficiency in your Back-Office. Data Entry can be completed from Documents, from Online forms and from Images. 

Data Entry Services are needed to: 

  • Manage the Data Entry Service Process for high volume Data Entry  
  • Reduce the Cost of Data Entry Processing  
  • Achieve higher Accuracy of Data Entry  
  • Improve Data Entry process through use of Automation  
  • Improve Data Entry Processing Cycle Time  
  • Make it easier to Analyze and Research Data  
  • Increase the Speed to Market by Faster Data Entry Processing    
  • Benefit from the Expertise of a Data Entry Service Provider 
  • Benefit from the Fast Cycle time and High Accuracy achieved by offshore Data Entry Services 

Accurate Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services utilizing 100% Data Verification. Data Entry Services use both Data Entry Automation and Manual Data Entry to assure high Data Entry Accuracy.

Speed in Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services need to process and deliver data quickly. Fast Data Entry Services help fast Decision Making. Fast Data Entry Services help improve operational efficiency.

Data Entry Services Deliver Actionable Insights

Data Entry Services are used for converting Information into Actionable Data needed to make Business Decisions.

Cost-Effective Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Data Entry Services from a Data Entry Outsourcing Company can help reduce costs. Data Entry Service company brings qualified data entry talent and data entry process expertise to the outsourced data entry assignment.

Which Industries Benefit from Data Entry Services?

Data Entry Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing Services Benefit Logistics, Utilities, Accounting, Health, Retail and Manufacturing Industries.
For information to be actionable it needs to be available in a digital format. This data could be collected from the web. It could be data from PDF files. It could be data collected from scan images. 
Freight Bills of Lading, Vendor Invoices, Utility Bills, Retail store data, Order fulfilment, Public Opinion Survey, Health Test forms all generate large volumes of business data. Data Entry Automation, Machine Learning and AI technologies are used by ARDEM to deliver higher data accuracy, reduce data processing cycle time and reduce costs for our clients in these industries.

Data Entry Services for Freight and Logistics

How Data Entry Automation is used in Processing of Freight Bills of Lading

Bill of Lading

Expedite Bill of Lading (BoL) entry and processing to improve efficiency.

Freight Bill

Accurate freight bill entry and processing to ensure accurate billing for each shipment.

Order Fulfillment

Eliminate manual processing to accurately create shipping labels, enter orders, and process invoices.


Increase visibility of FTL and LTL and reduce operational costs for streamlined processing.

Data Entry Services for Utilities and Energy

Data Entry and Data Capture for Energy Consumption and Payment Data from Utility Bills

Utility Bill Data Processing

Data Entry and Data Capture from Utility Bills. Utility bills can be sent as paper bills, or images, or the utility bills can be directly collected from the utility sites by us.

Utility Bill Management

Utility Bill Data Management Service includes the data entry and data capture of utility bill data to help companies process their utility bills, track their utility expenses, manage their bill to pay cycle for utility bills, flag out of range utility expenses.

Utility Bill Payment

Utility bills need to be paid on time to prevent service disruptions which occur as a result of missed payments. We collect the payment data from utility bills, create payment files, perform Account Payables transactions, and make electronic payments for our clients.

Sustainability Reporting of Utility Data

Utility Consumption Data is collected for Sustainability Reporting and Energy Data Analysis.

Why Data Entry Services are Needed in Accounting

Accounting Data Entry and use of Automation in Accounting helps our clients maintain accurate financial records

Accounts Payable Services

Using both AP Automation and qualified accounting talent we shorten vendor bills to payment cycle.

Accounts Receivable Services

Improving Checks Receipt to Deposit cycle, timely Bank Reconciliation, we help clients improve their Cash Management.


Data Entry for Bookkeeping Services for our clients helps increase accounting data accuracy while reducing their costs.

Invoice Processing Services

Businesses with large volumes of monthly invoices utilize Data Entry, Data Capture and Automation technologies for the collection and processing of data from invoices.

How Data Entry Services are Used in Healthcare and Life Sciences

High Quality Data increases patient satisfaction, helps deliver better care and improve patient outcomes

Medical Claims Processing

Experience shorter payment cycles with faster data entry and data capture from medical claims.

Test Requisition Form Processing

Test Requisition Form Data Entry or Lab Form Data Entry is accurate and completed quickly to deliver data rapidly to our clients.

Insurance Application Processing

Data Conversion from one format to required insurance form format using data entry or automated data conversion solutions.

Medical Data Entry

Outsourcing Medical Data Entry for medical forms and for collection of data from Patient Satisfaction surveys.

How Data Entry Services Benefit Retail

Data Entry in the Processing of new Customer Orders improves Order to Payment Cycle

Sales Order Processing

Data Entry Services for Sales Order Management of new Customer Orders to improve Order to Revenue cycle.

Data Mining

Data Mining, Data Research and Data Analysis using Predictive AI helps our customers with Business Intelligence.

Rebate Data Entry

Data Entry Outsourcing Company for processing of Rebates, verifying, tracking rebate claims using double-key data entry and automation technologies.

Order Fulfillment

Processing customer orders with speed and accuracy for faster order fulfillment.

How Data Entry Services are Changing Manufacturing

Data Entry Outsourcing Service for Processing, Data Collection, and Data Analysis from Manufacturing Records.

Bill of Materials Data Processing

Data Entry and Data Capture from Bills of Material, Material Specification Sheets to aid Manufacturing Record Management.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Data Entry and Data Capture from Material Data Safety Sheets.

Order Management

Data entry and Data Processing for Rapid Accurate Order Fulfillment.

Large Format Engineering & Architectural Drawing Conversion

Digital Scan Conversion, Indexing, Data Capture from Engineering and Architectural Drawings for Manufacturing Document Management.

Why Industry Leaders Choose to Outsource Data Entry Services?
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What Data Entry Services Get Outsourced?

Benefitting from Data Entry Specialists when you Outsource Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services are needed to manage and benefit from data. Data Entry Specialists are needed to key enter data from different input medias into the business system. Often there is a lot of variability in the incoming data. Data to be transcribed is not in a structured format. The low count of documents of each variation does not justify the expense of automated data capture. There may also be a need for data interpretation while performing data entry. A data entry specialist is required to perform these data entry services. ARDEM provides data entry specialists to our data entry outsourcing customers.

Outsourcing Data Entry Service task when the current data entry task is being performed by only a few team members is simple. You define the task and provide the data entry work instructions and the data entry specialist from the data entry outsourcing company performs the task as per your performance expectations. 

Data Entry Outsourcing Services required for data entry processing of hundreds and thousands of forms daily is more complex. It requires the configuration of cloud platforms where data entry is performed. The flow of documents for data entry is automated. The data validation and data audit checks to assure high data accuracy are automated. Machine Learning and AI tools may be used to reduce data entry processing cycle time and to achieve high data accuracy. Data extraction using OCR may be part of the complete data entry automation workflow

Data Entry Services needed for large volume data entry assignments can be both one-time and ongoing data entry services requirements. For large volume of forms from which data needs to be extracted ARDEM will utilize both data entry automation and manual data entry to deliver very high levels of accuracy of data to our clients. Data Entry Services are provided by qualified data entry specialists working on the ARDEM Cloud Platforms.

Data Entry Services are needed in every industry.

Data Entry Outsourcing Benefits

How You Benefit from Outsourcing Data Entry to ARDEM

Large Volume Data Entry Processing

Reduce your back-office data entry processing costs and improve your data entry process with higher data accuracy and faster data processing.

Data Entry and Data Extraction from Paper, Web, Digital

Data Entry and Data Extraction from multiple sources including paper, web, PDFs, scan images, and other digital formats.

Data Security in Data Entry

We comply with data security requirements as prescribed under ISO27001, SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA to keep your data secure.

The Best Data Entry Team

Data Entry team members are college graduates and trained to work on your assignment. They have a track record of delivering excellent performance to every client, every time.

ARDEM Data Entry Automation

Applying Efficiency to Increase ROI

Can OCR Automate Your Invoice and Utility Bill Processing?

Machine-Based Data Capture

Automatic extraction and identification of unstructured data to make innovative and data-driven decisions. Collect data at a fraction of the time it takes to complete manually in-house.

robot ai machine learning

Machine Learning and AI

Our data scientists, engineers, and developers combine industry knowledge with experience to develop innovative automation solutions to maximize quality and efficiency while reducing your cycle time and operational costs.


Programmatic Validation

Utilizing AI and Machine Learning programs each data field will be reconciled against the hundreds of millions of data fields that have been run through our platform to ensure 100% clean and verified data.

Data Capture

Data Mining

Data Extraction

Data Analysis

  • Data conversion Services

    Data Conversion, Document Conversion, Data File Conversion – XML, HTML Conversion, PDF Conversion, SGML Conversion, TIFF Conversion, Forms Processing and Data Entry, Catalog Conversion and Digitization, Electronic Document Management.

  • Data Mining

    Web Data Mining, Open Source Data Mining, Image Data Mining, Data Mining from Excel, Word, PDF, Data Enrichment, Database Creation

  • ICR Services

    Text Extraction From Image, Handwriting Recognition Software, Text Recognition Software

  • Data Entry

    Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Image Data Entry, Quickbooks Data Entry, Insurance Data Entry, Claims Data Entry, Utility and Invoice Data Entry, ERP Data Entry, CRM Data Entry, Catalog Data Entry, Data Extraction, Data Enrichment, High-Volume Data Entry.

  • Data Processing

    Data Processing, Order Entry and Processing, Purchase Order Management, Transaction Data Processing, Survey Form Processing, Order Processing, Payroll Processing, Compiling Mailing Lists, Word Processing and Formatting.

  • OCR Services

    Data Extraction, Data Capture

Data Entry from public opinion surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, product surveys, consumer research surveys and market research surveys.
Data Entry from Rebate forms, Sweepstakes, Enter-to-Win, Customer blanks, product promotions, warranty cards, loyalty programs, and more!
Data Entry from the internet, subscription lists, returned mail, petition lists, retail customer sign up cards, excel sheets, social media, and more!
Data Entry from health care claims, insurance claims, medical claims for quicker claims processing and claim collections.
Accurate & Secure Data Processing Services from paper & Electronic based documents including mail fulfillment and analysis
Data entry from paper or digital documents to create intelligent databases and metadata collections. Indexing and cataloging of documents for ease of search and retrieval.
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Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Data Entry Services to help our Clients Reduce Costs. Using Data Entry Automation and Qualified Data Entry Analysts ARDEM delivers High Quality Data On-Time.

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