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Built on ISO9001 Quality Standards + our experience. Data entry outsourcing solutions engineered to deliver data faster.

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for Established Companies

Take full advantage of ARDEM

Get more than just Data Entry Services. ARDEM provides value by engineering fully managed outsourcing solutions to achieve your goals and run your business like it is our own – from SMEs to Fortune 500s.

Dedicated To You

We take the time to dive deep and truly understand our clients and their culture. This enables us to engineer solutions that match your current and future goals.

Industry Experience

As experts in our field, we understand that success comes from a combination of talent, the right workflows, tools, and open communication.

Intelligent Tools

Our bright developers create tools that help you reach your goals faster with more reliable accuracy for smoother downstream processing.

Faster Data. Undeniable Results.

Data Entry

We engineer successful data entry outsourcing solutions using our proprietary methodology that combines double-key entry with a slew of validation techniques to yield 99.97% accuracy for every project, every time.
Invoice data entry sample
Line Item:
Line Item:

Data Mining

We receive, image and extract large batches of your raw, unstructured data into a regulated pattern that enables us to map out and identify crucial business insights.

List of Attendees

Jane Smith, Senior Engineer

Johan Doe, Director of Marketing

Kerrie Stevenson, Project Manager

Arron Pierce, Product Engineer

Kareem Vang, Lead Engineer

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Data Capture

We capture data from incoming documents in real-time using a mix of OCR-backed automated capture and effort-based processing for superior results.
starbucks receipt data capture example
Line Item:
Line Item:
Line Item:

Data Analysis

We collect and transform your enterprise data into cohesive records, identifying trends and patterns to yield actionable insights.
data analysis chart example

How Does It Work?

Our aim is to provide value-based services that provide tangible benefits to our clients and build long-lasting partnerships for long-term growth and success.  

Understand Your Process

Understanding Your Process

Help us understand who you are and what your goals are. Understanding You Makes Us Better. That’s How We Work Smarter. 

Engineering your solution

Engineering Your Solution

After fully understanding your needs, our intelligent engineers and process managers collaborate to design the right solution.

Training and managing your team

Training and Managing Your Team

ARDEM manages the hiring, training, resource planning, and quality management of your team. Our model is easily scalable.

Clean and accurate data

Clean and Accurate Data Delivered

All data is validated and run through quality assurance measures to ensure clean and accurate data is delivered.

Tools That Make Data Entry Easy

Easily upload your data and let ARDEM’s tools transform your manual processing into a more efficient one.

Data Entry Automation

Accurately capture data to increase speed and efficiency when processing data with efficient data entry outsourcing solutions.

Can OCR Automate Your Invoice and Utility Bill Processing?

Machine-Based Data Capture

Automatic extraction and identification of unstructured data to make innovative and data-driven decisions. Collect data at a fraction of the time it takes to complete manually in-house.

robot ai machine learning

Machine Learning and AI

Our data scientists, engineers, and developers combine industry knowledge with experience to develop innovative automation solutions to maximize quality and efficiency while reducing your cycle time and operational costs.


Programmatic Validation

Utilizing AI and Machine Learning programs each data field will be reconciled against the hundreds of millions of data fields that have been run through our platform to ensure 100% clean and verified data.

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We share our combined 100+ years of industry experience and knowledge to empower your business through all challenges, best practices, and solutions.

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Can OCR Automate Your Invoice and Utility Bill Processing?

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