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Document Processing Services

Document Processing Services to Convert Physical Documents to Digital Format and to Extract Accurate Data

Document Processing Services involve the systematic processing, handling, organizing and management of physical and digital documents. Document Processing Service providers can process large volumes of documents, provide data entry services, data capture services, data mining services, and data analysis services. Outsourced document processing services can improve operational efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and streamline workflow processes. With advanced document processing solutions, companies can manage large volumes of documents quickly and accurately. By outsourcing document processing services, businesses can ensure effective and efficient document processing and document management.

Document Processing for Accurate Data Extraction

Document Processing, Document Categorization, Data Extraction for Improving Business Insights.

Document Processing

Converting physical documents into digital format. Converting typed or handwritten data into digital format. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to extract data from documents and forms. Extracting data from bills, purchase orders, invoices, videos, receipts and many other forms to create useful databases.

Document Categorization

Document Indexing, Document Tagging, Document Annotation, Document Labelling for ease of search and information retrieval. Using automated Data Capture as well as Data Entry Services.

Data Extraction

Using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Automation for Data Capture.

Security Assurance

ISO27001 certification backed by 3rd party auditing and a slew of VPNs, SSLs, security protocols,  etc.

Document Processing Services

Automating the conversion of data from physical and electronic documents significantly cuts cycle times and boosts accuracy. Outsourcing Document Conversion Services and Document Processing Services improves back-office operations, freeing your team to concentrate on core activities. Electronic document processing streamlines your data handling processes. Selecting a trusted document processing company can improve your overall business efficiency. Outsource document processing to leverage expertise in processing high volume of documents leaving you focus on your core business functions. Partner with a reliable business process outsourcing company for faster, more accurate, and reliable document processing services.

1. Receive Documents

Documents can be received as images, batch uploaded, mailed for scanning, and sent as a photo.

2. Uploaded to ACM

Documents are uploaded onto the ARDEM Collaboration Platform and automatically ingested into the processing cycle.

3. Data is Processed

Using data capture, OCR, ICR, artificial intelligence, and validation routines to ensure accurate data.

4. Delivery

Data is output as a flat file to be ingested in to your ERP, integrated through API or manual entry.

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Maximize Efficiency with Outsourced Document Processing

Enjoy fast and accurate document management with a comprehensive array of scalable solutions for processing efficiency. Utilize the ARDEM Collaboration Platform for business process automation services in document processing. Benefit from our expertise in business process automation in BPO Services. Access electronic images of documents easily, monitor processing status, and download data in your preferred format.

Our business process automation services, including data extraction automation and robotic process automation, streamline your document handling processes. Implement data extraction solutions and business process automation strategies for more efficient and effective document processing with ARDEM. 

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Printing and mailing of paper surveys. Receipt of surveys, scanning surveys, data collection from surveys, coding of surveys and survey data tabulations.
Mail processing of healthcare claims, sorting of claims and supporting documents, scanning and data entry from claims.
Mail processing of paperwork received with samples at the lab. Scanning and data entry from sample documents.
Mailing of catalogs,  Mailing of surveys, Mailing of samples.


How Workflow Automation Propels Business Process Improvement

In today’s competitive environment there is very little room for error and even less room for operational delays and inefficiencies which leads to a constant need for business process improvement. Backed by automated workflows and smart processes, businesses are continually redefining the limitations of what they can achieve and being left behind is simply not an option.

Document Processing Services to Convert Physical Documents to Digital Format and to Extract Accurate Data from Documents.

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