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Utility Bill Processing Services

ARDEM provides fully managed utility bill processing services from the receipt of utility bills to payment. Increase your visibility in order to lower costs and improve sustainability.

Increasing Accuracy + Faster Processing

Streamlined Utility Bill Processing Services



Normalizing data from water usage from all meters



Streamlining energy usage and demand for full visibility

natural gas


Extracting natural gas consumption and total cost



Aggregating waste collection utility data from various providers



Internet, Cable, Telecommunication, and more



Keep track of your sewage and drainage services

ARDEM Utility Bill Process

Utility Bill Processing comes with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between service provider formats. By combining advance data capture technology and data validation routines, we streamline your bill processing by increasing accuracy, shortening cycle times, and reducing costs and improve sustainability efforts.

Settle For The Best Utility Bill Processing Services Solution

Combining data capture technology with data entry methodology we bring the best people and best technology to your process. This allows us to process ALL your utility bills, not only the partial list of bills from the more common utilities.

We develop a utility bill data management solution based on your energy data requirements. Using best in class capture technology, “self-learning” automation routines along with web scraping and data mining, we can handle all incoming formats of utility bills and validated through our utility bill auditing.

What Are the Challenges of Utility Data Collection?

The challenge many utility companies are facing comes from the manual nature of collecting bills and entering them into a system. Utility solution providers are searching for a more automated solution for efficient utility invoice management.

Streamline Utility Bill Management

When multiple facilities are involved, the challenge becomes even greater for utility bill data management. This holds especially true for energy management solutions providers that coordinate the utility bills for businesses overseeing a multitude of different buildings, such as real estate developers.

White Paper

Normalizing Data For Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

What are the 4 challenges of utility bill management? In our white paper we help identify the monthly costs of inefficiency and how outsourcing utility bill automation can not only improve costs but also reduce your cycle time for faster data.

Data Security in Utility Bill Processing Services

We understand our role as a temporary repository for your data and we take this responsibility seriously.  VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols, Business Associate Agreements, HIPAA compliance, and confidentiality agreements are an integral part of protecting your data. Data security is built on ISO27001 foundation for all utility bill management processes.

Implement an Automated Utility Bill Processing Solution

Each utility company presents utility data differently. There are hundreds of different utility companies across the country. When you have hundreds and thousands of bills from different utility companies you need a platform where normalized data from all the different utilities can be collected quickly and accurately.

With an already large library of more than a thousand utility bill configurations, ARDEM makes data capture from utility bills a snap. No time is lost in getting new customer bills configured first before data can be collected from them. Streamline your processes further by integrating your utility bill needs with ARDEM Capture, ARDEM Workstream, and ARDEM Automation to enhance your utility invoice management solution.

The Most Accurate Utility Bill Processing Services Solution

Double-Key and Compare Data Entry with programmatic data validation routines are in place to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of data. ARDEM Utility Bill Processing solutions can deliver accurate data from PDF, Plain Text, Email, JPG, and many additional formats of incoming bills. With extensive additional quality assurance and data validation configured into our processing platform, ARDEM can guarantee the highest accuracy of delivered data in the shortest cycle time for Utility Bill Auditing as a top document processing company!

Global Value

Take advantage of our global reach. Hiring only the best educated and qualified employees, our data analysts have the knowledge and the experience to deliver accurate data to you, always on time. Our solution engineers configure our platform to assure you the highest accuracy of delivered data. Our data center operates on a 3 shift daily basis allowing us to work around the clock and always deliver on time.


Top 5 Technologies Impacting Utility Bill Processing

Data entry is the most commonly implemented method of utility bill processing. However, traditional data entry methods are incredibly inefficient. While there have been improvements over time, many businesses are still inefficiently entering utility bills by hand. This slow and redundant process has a higher likelihood for errors and a slower cycle time increases the chance of late payments. With the rise in automation technology, businesses have been finding solutions to utilize technologies impacting utility bill processing.

Receive the Highest Quality Invoice Processing Automation Solutions with ARDEM

Receive the Highest Quality Utility Bill Processing Automation Solutions with ARDEM Waste, Gas, Electricity? We Handle It All. 1,000’s of Providers Already In The ARDEM Platform
ARDEM Invoice Processing solutions help you shorten cycle time, improve data quality and deliver savings to you.
ARDEM Sales Order Processing solution helps you shorten cycle time, improve data quality and delivers savings to you.
Printing and mailing of paper surveys. Receipt of surveys, scanning surveys, data collection from surveys, coding of surveys and survey data tabulations.
Mail processing of healthcare claims, sorting of claims and supporting documents, scanning and data entry from claims.
Mail processing of paperwork received with samples at the lab. Scanning and data entry from sample documents.
Mailing of catalogs,  Mailing of surveys, Mailing of samples.
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