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Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services to Help You Lower Your Costs and Pay Your Bills On Time.

How To Outsource Your Entire Accounts Payable Department or Just Add to Your Accounts Payable Team?

Outsourcing Your complete Accounts Payable Department involves the outsourcing of multiple Accounts Payable tasks and the need for Accounts Payable team members with different skill sets. The current As-Is process across all the Account Payable functions is mapped. Who is performing what Accounts Payable task, what are the upstream and downstream workflow steps are understood. What skill levels best match the Account Payable functions being performed. What is the Account Payable metrics that need to be established? What are the current controls in the Account Payable workflow? Are there some Account Payable tasks that could benefit from Account Payable Automation

Outsourcing only some functions in Accounts Payable is simpler. Entering PO, non-PO invoices, Email Management, Reconciliation, Travel Expense Processing, Coding Invoices, Vendor Management, and all other Account Payable tasks get outsourced to ARDEM. We select the resource with the required skills and experience to work for you in that Account Payable function. We manage the Account Payable process to achieve your objectives.

When adding to your Account Payable team are you only looking for a qualified Account Payable Analyst? Someone reliable who can process the account payable transactions and becomes part of your team. A Remote ARDEM Account Payable Analyst would meet your needs. 

Or are you looking for more from an Account Payable company? In outsourcing accounts payable services, you also want the management of the account payable process from vendor bill receipt to payment of bills.

Managed Account Payable Services include:

  • Receipt of Invoice from the Vendor 
  • Capture of Data from the Vendor Invoices 
  • Expediting Approvals in the Account Payable Process 
  • Tracking Aging of Invoices in Accounts Payable 
  • Helping Resolve Exceptions in Accounts Payable  
  • Avoiding Duplicate Payments in Accounts Payable 
  • On-Time Vendor Payments in Account Payable 

Why Do Companies come to ARDEM for Accounts Payable:

Accounts Payable (AP) Services provided by an Account Payable Service Provider involve the payment of suppliers and vendors for goods and services purchased by a company. Account Payable Services include the timely processing of incoming bills and invoices, and verification of vendor invoices against purchase orders and receipts. Account Payable Outsourcing Services are needed for:

  • Vendor Management and to get Vendors Paid On-Time 
  • To eliminate Supply Chain disruptions because of Missed or Delayed Payments 
  • For Utility Bill Payment Management 
  • To take ownership of Exception Invoices and bring them to timely resolution 
  • Account Payable Invoice Processing Best Practices 
  • The complete Outsourcing and Management of The Accounts Payable Process 
  • The ability to add qualified Account Payable Analysts to current in-house team 
  • The outsourcing of a high daily volume of Accounts Payable transactions 
  • Account Payable Automation Best Practices 
  • To benefit from use of Automation and other Technologies in Accounts Payable Processing.
  • Incoming bills and invoices 
  • Verifying invoices against purchase orders 
  • Ensuring goods or services were received before issuing payment to vendors 
  • Recording short-term debts in the general ledger 
  • Internally controlling and managing petty cash 
  • Conveying reimbursement payments 
  • Controlling the dispersion of sales tax exemption endorsements

What Accounts Payable Tasks Are Outsourced:

Account Payable Outsourcing Service Providers manage Account Payable Tasks including Invoice Processing and Payment

  • Identify PO and non-PO Invoices 
  • Charge Code the Invoices 
  • Match Invoices to POs and Receipts 
  • Enter Invoices into Accounting System 
  • Process Travel and Expense Charges 
  • Communicate with Vendors 
  • Reconcile Vendor Statements 
  • Assist with Month-End Closing 
  • Monitor Account Payable Aging Report 
  • Post Invoices, in accounting system 
  • Process Vendor Payments 
  • Apply Manual Payments 
  • Resolve Vendor Invoice Discrepancies 
  • Assist in Account Payable Approvals Management 

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Payable With ARDEM

You benefit from having a qualified and trained Account Payable team on your assignment who will help you achieve your Account Payable department objectives.

Quick Set-up of Your Account Payable Team

We will assemble your Account Payable team quickly. They will be trained on your Account Payable system. They can begin working as your Account Payable team shortly, bringing in the results that you expect. For optimal efficiency, your team will adopt the accounts payable process flow designed to streamline operations within your business.

Efficient Processing of Account Payable Tasks

Your Account Payable process is set up so that every invoice that comes in is acted upon the same day. Exception Invoices requiring further action are tracked to ensure quick resolution. Your team takes on the ownership of every invoice from receipt to payment. Use of ARDEM Cloud Platforms bring Technology for further business process improvement.

On-Time Vendor Payments

Your Account Payable team processes the vendor invoices and can also help you make the payments to your vendors via Bank ACH/Wire.

Scaling and Growing Your Account Payable Team

As your business grows and your need for Account Payable services grows we can add qualified and trained Account Payable resources to your team. Short term volume peaks can be handled by use of available qualified team members who are on the bench.

Accuracy in Accounts Payable

Peer to Peer quality checking of Account Payable transactions as well as the use of random sample checking of transactions ensures that Account Payable process is robust and accurate.

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Accounting Systems We Are Experts In

Can I Use My Current Account Payable System?

Yes. The ARDEM Account Payable Services team will Work in Your System

Your Account Payable team members are trained in most of the commonly used Account Payable systems. Very often they also have experience of working in these systems. They are all college educated with accounting degrees and you benefit from their experience in Accounts Payable.

Every Accounts Payable Outsourcing assignment begins with training of the team members on your specific accounting system, and your specific work processes. Thereafter the ARDEM team leads ensure that your Account Payable team members are performing the outsourced Accounts Payable tasks as per your requirements and are meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Every accounts payable outsourcing assignment starts with the training on your accounting system and your accounts payable process flow. Accounts Payable team members follow accounts payable processing best practices. They complete your outsourced Accounts Payable tasks to meet and exceed your expectations. By partnering with an accounts payable services company, you gain access to specialized expertise and advanced technologies designed to improve efficiency of your accounts payables management.

accounts payable outsourcing services

Account Payable Tasks You Can Outsource

For Efficient Invoice Processing

Improve your accounts payable process with these 19 essential tasks for accurate and efficient invoice processing.

Daily Accounts Payable Department Tasks That You Can Outsource

What are The Transition Steps in Outsourcing Your Account Payable Process

  • Idea Bulb

    Understand The As-Is Account Payable Process

    What is your current Account Payable Process? How automated is your Accounts Payable Process? What is your current AP team size? What Account Payable application do you use? What is Account Payable Approval workflow?

  • Plan To do

    Plan for Outsourcing Accounts Payable Process

    What is your desired timeline for Outsourcing your Accounts Payable tasks? How will vendor invoices be received by ARDEM? Does ARDEM work on our Account Payable platform, or do we work in your AP system?

  • Transition

    How Do we Implement The Outsourced Accounts Payable Process

    We learn your Account Payable Process through your Account Payable experts by shadowing, reverse shadowing and parallel perform. To prepare for the outsourcing of your business process we utilize your training videos and work instructions to create Account Payable process training aids. We train your AP team members as needed, in the Account Payable application.

  • Production Factory

    Now we are Ready to Start Account Payable Processing for You

    Your Account Payable team are selected from accounting graduates with multiple years of accounts payable experience. Many have experience in the accounting system you use. We train your AP team on your Account payable process. Cloud based ARDEM Workspace is configured for your accounts payable team Training is provided on accounts payable workflow, and Performance Metrics for accounts payable are defined. Now your Account Payable team is ready to work for you.

Managed Accounts Payable Services

Improve Your Accounts Payable Management with ARDEM Invoice Manager

ARDEM Invoice Manager is a hosted cloud platform used for approval routing, tracking and processing of vendor invoices. It utilizes Capture, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies for Invoice Processing and for the Management of the Account Payable process. Account Payable Spend Data can be further utilized for Predictive Data Analysis.

Accounts Payable Service companies utilize AP Automation solutions to address the challenges of AP automation. In the outsourcing of accounts payable to accounts payable services providers you leverage the expertise of your account payable service provider in the management of your AP workflow for improving your accounting back-office efficiency. 

ARDEM uses these Account Payable Metrics as the Key Performance Indicators to identify improvement opportunities in account payable management:

  1. Total Number of Invoices Received
  2. Total Number of Invoices Processed
  3. Total Number of Invoices Pending
  4. Payable Aging or Daya Payable Outstanding
  5. Average Time Taken to Process an Invoice
  6. Rate of Error as a Percentage of Total Invoices Processed
  7. Accuracy of Account Payable Analyst

How Do You Automate Your Account Payable Process

ARDEM Invoice Manager is a Cloud platform which utilizes Capture, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation technologies for Capture of data from Vendor Invoices, Account Payable Approval and Account Payable Process Management. Daily count of incoming vendor invoices is tracked. Vendor Invoice processing cycle times are tracked. The Account Payable platform is configured to manage exception workflow and assure that your vendors get paid on time.

Data Capture in Accounts Payable Services

Digital Transformation of Accounts Payable Process

Data Capture technologies of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) are utilized to read and extract data from vendor invoices. The ARDEM Invoice Manager platform is configured to provide Data output files via API transfers, Dashboards to view Spend Data and Reports with actionable data that can be used for Analysis.

Managing Accounts Payable Services

Better Account Payable Management with Automation

Accounts Payable Services require management. Vendor bills received have missing charge codes. Some bills require approval before payment. Some vendors need to be set up in the business system. Some bill payments must be prioritized. Daily invoice processing volumes must be managed. As an Accounts Payable Service provider ARDEM provides Accounts Payable Management Services.

The ARDEM Invoice Manager cloud platform provides a window into the daily processing of Accounts Payable. How many vendor invoices received, processed and flagged as exceptions. What is Aging of the vendor invoices, what are Reason codes needing resolution, which invoices are missing charge codes etc., all such account payable tasks are tracked on the ARDEM platform.

ARDEM Compliance

ISO 27001

(PCI DSS 3.2.1)

ISO 27001 (formally known as ISO/IEC 27001:2005) is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical, and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.

SOC 2 Type 2

AWS Secure Cloud Utilization

SOC 2 Type 2 report is an internal control report capturing how a company safeguards customer data and how well those controls are operating. These reports are issued by independent third-party auditors covering the principles of Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

SOX Compliance

Sarbanes–Oxley Financial Compliance

SOX Compliance mandates strict reforms to improve financial disclosures from corporations and prevent accounting fraud. We support issues such as auditor independence, corporate governance, internal control assessment, and enhanced financial disclosure based on your SOX Compliance Protocols.

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