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Back Office Support Services

We are Outsourcing and Automation Experts who Help Established Companies Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce cost.

Why Back Office Services Are Needed

Back Office Support Services Improve Your Operations

Back-Office Support Services include Data Entry Services, Document Processing Services, Application Processing, Form Processing, Large volume Transaction Processing, and almost any back-office support process where data is collected, processed, interpreted, verified, or validated for business decision making. Back-Office Support Services help increase productivity of the business operation and when outsourced also help with cost improvement. 

Back Office Outsourcing Services can also help you to scale your business quickly, adjust quickly to changing market demands, and help with your business digital transformation. Outsourced Back Office support offers flexibility for businesses to efficiently handle varying workloads.


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Which Industries Benefit from Back-Office Support Services?

Back-Office Support Services Benefit Logistics, Utilities, Accounting, Health, Retail and Manufacturing Industries. 
For information to be actionable it needs to be available in a digital format. This data could be collected from the web. It could be data from PDF files. It could be data collected from scan images.  
Freight Bills of Lading, Vendor Invoices, Utility Bills, Retail store data, Order fulfilment, Public Opinion Survey, Health Test forms all generate large volumes of business data. Data Entry Automation, Machine Learning and AI technologies are used by ARDEM to deliver higher data accuracy, reduce data processing cycle time and reduce costs for our clients in these industries. By leveraging Back Office BPO Services, businesses can further optimize their operations through efficient data management outsourcing.

Back Office Support Services for Logistics and Supply Chain

How Data Entry Automation is used in Processing of Freight Bills of Lading

Bill of Lading

Expedite Bill of Lading (BoL) entry and processing to improve efficiency.

Freight Bill

Accurate freight bill entry and processing to ensure accurate billing for each shipment.

Order Fulfillment

Eliminate manual processing to accurately create shipping labels, enter orders, and process invoices.


Increase visibility of FTL and LTL and reduce operational costs for streamlined processing.

Back-Offices Support Services for Utilities and Energy

Data Entry and Data Capture for Energy Consumption and Payment Data from Utility Bills

Utility Bill Data Management

Back-office teams manage utility documents, including paper bills, images, and downloads from utility websites, handling data entry and capture, while ensuring organized and accessible data management for further processing.

Expense Tracking

Utility bill data management services enable businesses to effectively monitor their expenses, allowing for budget control and preventing unexpected overages by tracking utility costs.

Utility Bill Payment

Back-office teams collect payment data from utility bills, create payment files, and execute Accounts Payables transactions to ensure timely payments and prevent service disruptions. 

Sustainability Reporting

Back-office support includes sustainability reporting and energy data analysis, with utility consumption data collected and analyzed to optimize energy consumption and support sustainability reporting.

Why Back-Office Support Services Are Needed in Accounting

Back-office services ensure smooth financial operations in Accounting

Accounts Payable Services

Back-office services, including data entry, have a critical role in ensuring that financial records are spot on to preventing errors and mix-ups that could send the company’s finances into a tailspin.

Accounts Receivable Services

Back-office services make sure the checks received are swiftly deposited and that bank reconciliations happen on time.


Back-Office Support Services for entering accounting transactions for Bookkeeping.

Invoice Processing Services

Businesses handling a pile of invoices every month employ Data entry, Data capture, and Automation to make sure that invoice data is collected and processed quickly and accurately.

How Back-office Support Services are Used in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Back-office support services ensure the highest data quality that helps in enhancing patient satisfaction, improving care delivery, and boosting patient outcomes.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Back-office support, including data entry, ensures data accuracy in medical records, improving patient care and overall outcomes.

Streamlined Medical Claims

Back-office teams shorten payment cycles by swiftly entering and capturing data from medical claims and help healthcare providers deliver quality care to patients.

Rapid Test Requisition Processing

Back-office support enables rapid Test Requisition Form Data Entry, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of data to our clients for swift decision-making.

Efficient Insurance Application Processing

Data conversion from one format to the required insurance form format is made easy with back-office support.

Seamless Medical Data Entry

Outsourcing Medical data entry, with the support of efficient back-office services, helps in maintaining comprehensive and accurate records.

How Back-office Support Services Benefit Retail

Back-office support improves Order to Payment Cycle in the Processing of new Customer Orders

Sales Order Processing

Efficient back-office support services streamline the sales order processing, ensuring accurate data entry of new customer orders, thereby improving the order-to-revenue cycle for retailers.

Data Mining

Utilizing Data mining, Research, and predictive AI, back-office support services empower retailers with valuable business intelligence, helping them make informed decisions and stay ahead in the market.

Rebate Data Entry

Back-office support services play a pivotal role in rebate Data entry, processing and verifying rebate claims using double-key data entry and automation technologies to ensure accuracy.

Order Fulfillment

Back-office services assist retailers in processing customer orders with speed and precision, leading to faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

How Back-office Support is Changing Manufacturing

Back-Office Support Services for Manufacturing Data Entry, Data Collection, and Data Analysis

Bill of Materials Data Processing

Back-office support services excel at efficiently processing and capturing data from Bills of Materials and Material Specification Sheets, providing a significant boost to Manufacturing Record Management.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Back-office teams adeptly handle the data entry and data capture tasks associated with Material Safety Data Sheets, ensuring that crucial safety information is managed effectively.

Order Management

Data entry and data processing for streamlined and rapid order fulfillment are made more efficient with the support of back-office teams.

Large Format Engineering & Architectural Drawing Conversion

Back-office support services play a pivotal role in the digital scan conversion, indexing, and data capture from Engineering and Architectural Drawings and help in enhancing Manufacturing Document Management and accessibility.

Back Office Outsourcing Service

How to Build the Best Back-Office Outsourcing Service Team

Depending upon the size and complexity of your Back-Office Outsourcing Service requirements your team should consist of some or all these functions.

Project Manager for the Back-Office Service Engagement 

The main point of contact. Their job is to ensure that your project runs smoothly and will communicate between you and your team. 

Back-Office FTEs  

FTEs with the correct skill sets required for your Back-Office Service assignment. Right sizing of your Back-Office Service team to assure 100% on-time delivery.  

Full IT support for your Back-Office 

Providing infrastructure, configuring network, setting up credentials on ARDEM Workspace for your Back-Office Service team to function effectively.  

Do We Need Support from Developers for the Back-Office Engagement 

Process automation requires innovative technology. Our Development team is often needed to create custom solutions that help you achieve success in the outsourcing of your Back-Office Service needs. 

Human Resources and Training Needs in Back-Office Engagements 

Selecting the best talent for your Back-Office Service requirement. Both initial and ongoing training of your back-office service team. Human Resource and Training experts at ARDEM serve a critical function as part of your back-office team.

How Do You Outsource Your Back-Office Service Needs

Your Back-Office Outsourcing Service requirements are unique. In some cases, the Business Process is straightforward, the team required is small. Or the Back-Office Outsourcing process needs are complex and need the deployment of a large team.  We first understand your current process and then utilize our Back Office Process Outsourcing Best Practice knowledge to deliver the Best Back-Office Service to you. Our adaptable Back-Office Management Services efficiently cater to the outsourcing of both simple and complex processes.

2 to 5 FTE

Business Growth Solutions


You have a defined scope of work and want us to start immediately.

6-100+ FTE

Enterprise Outsourcing Solutions


Your scope is larger, and your solution needs consultation and development.

What Skills Do You Need for Your Back Office Processing

We Build Your Back Office Outsourcing Team

Success in Back Office Outsourcing requires starting with the right talent. Your team is qualified and trained to perform your outsourcing assignment. The best global talent is selected to work on your business process. Each back-office team member has relevant industry experience and the technical qualifications needed to bring success to your back-office outsourcing initiative. Additional backups are trained and available on the bench to ensure the best customer experience with outsourcing.


Why Successful Back Office Outsourcing Needs Excellent Implementation

Back Office Outsourcing Implementation

Your Back Office Outsourcing Team is trained and ready. Back Offices Process workflows are mapped. Work Instructions and Training videos describing the business processes are created. Your business goals are understood. Quality plans are created to assure consistent high quality of work. Performance Metrics are defined. Tracking and Reporting of business process outsourcing objectives starts. By carefully selecting and training the best talent for your specific needs, we help optimize your Back-Office operations. This can lead to a significant reduction in Back-Office costs while maintaining high quality of operations.

Why Technology is Important in Back Office Outsourcing

Continuous Innovation in Back Office Outsourcing

Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and our Cloud Platform technologies are continuously improving back-office business processes. Our customers benefit from our ongoing investment in new and better ways to provide business process outsourcing solutions.

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ARDEM Technology Platform

With ARDEM Technology we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges. ARDEM’s Back-Office Support Services and automation expertise boost efficiency and slash operating costs for businesses.

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Back-Office Support Services

Back Office Support Services to Help our Clients Reduce Costs. Using Business Process Automation and Qualified Back-Office Support Analysts ARDEM Improves Back-Office Processing for our clients.

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