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How Can You Solve In-House Employee Turnover?

By February 13, 2019March 11th, 2024No Comments
How Can You Solve In-House Employee Turnover?

Seasonal businesses tend to find themselves looking for temporary employees due to the constant ebb and flow of productivity. In some cases, it can be difficult to predict the amount of needed resources which causes businesses to quickly hire and train temporary employees. As a result, many rely on the help of temp agencies and often overlook the hidden costs while retaining a high turnover rate. Outsourcing can help reduce employee turnover and offers the flexibility to bring in or reduce the number of resources to work in tandem with your business.

The Cost of a Temporary Employee

In a previous blog post we spoke about the true cost of a temporary employee and how it can be summarized as a short-term solution to assist with high demands. The cost of onboarding a new employee whenever your business encounters a high workflow easily multiplies in price. With the pressure to quickly fill roles, businesses may resort to temp agencies that have a minimal understanding of your needs. In addition, there are various fees for covering the administrative work of recruitment, payroll, disciplining, and skill testing.

“Temp agencies often overpromise and under deliver.”

The cost of onboarding a new employee can include an average of 40 hours of training requiring about $1,000.00 per learner. With high employee turnover rates, the extra overhead and time spent on continuous training does not benefit your business’ ROI. After training an employee, the learning curve slowly maximizes work efficiency, but when the workflow decreases and there is no need for additional help around the office, there is a high turnover rate. Employees that work one season are not guaranteed to come back and work in the next season, meaning that each season new employees must be trained. So why are businesses continuing this inefficient cycle?

ARDEM’s Ability to Scale Productivity to Eliminate Employee Turnover

How Can You Solve In-House Employee Turnover?

Outsourcing teams provide businesses the flexibility and scalability to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Flexibility and scalability are the two key components required for businesses that work around seasonal trends. By outsourcing to ARDEM we provide a pool of talented professionals where we utilize their strengths and experience to optimize your business processes. A project manager will be responsible for fully understanding your needs and training a team to ensure that all expectations and deadlines are met. With ARDEM, your team is always readily available. Backup analysts are trained in case a staff member is sick or if the projected volume is higher than expected. A three-shift operating schedule allows ARDEM to continue working around the clock and to complete work by the time your internal staff members get into the office. Utilizing ARDEM resources for your company will keep your business running smoothly.

Contact ARDEM today to find out more on how we can help scale your process and retain a maximum ROI!

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