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Cloud Services

Cloud Outsourcing Services an integral part of Business Process Outsourcing Services

Cloud Services involve delivering computing resources such as processing services, storage, and software over the Internet. Cloud Service providers can provide business process outsourcing services via the cloud. Cloud Services allow for scaling of IT infrastructure and allow remote teams to collaborate with each other. Cloud Services are used for providing Accounting Services, Healthcare BPO Services, Accounts Payable Services, Insurance Outsourcing Services, Data Entry Services, Freight Bill Processing Services, Retail BPO Services, Utility Bill Management Services, and a wide range of data processing services to our clients.

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Cloud Based Business Process Outsourcing Services for Back-Office Support  

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ARDEM provides Cloud Services, Business Process Services (BPaaS) and Business Process Management (BPM) Services to help our customers automate their business processes and improve operational efficiencies. Cloud Services incorporate the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other current cloud technologies for business process management.

Cloud Service Technologies

In today’s modern world businesses must be efficient and adaptable in order to meet demand. Through the use of technology, businesses gain visibility, improve accuracy, productivity, and cut overall operational costs.

With ARDEM Technology, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries such as financial, healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. In cloud invoice processing, we automate the processing of invoice data across different industries.

Data Capture in Cloud Services

ARDEM Capture enables all of your paper and electronic documents to be transformed into intelligent, usable data through OCR & Machine Learned technology. Once made searchable, recognition technologies seamlessly map relevant data into corresponding fields. Our advanced algorithms create intelligent relationships between data, eliminate errors and generate uniform output assuring accurate datasets. Data is then normalized to quickly compile databases for easy comparison. Data Capture has never been easier. With ARDEM’s data capture outsourcing services, your documents are converted into intelligent and usable data.

Automation in Cloud Services

Our highly skilled data scientists, engineers, and developers have taken our experience in outsourcing to create the magic behind the ARDEM Automation platform. Combining the latest in Machine Learning and AI technologies,  documents are read and run through data validation to ensure the highest data accuracy.  Should a field be blank or missing, ARDEM Automation will interpret and make edits to ensure that all fields are properly filled out swiftly and accurately.

Improving data efficiency

Cloud Outsourcing Services an integral part of Business Process Outsourcing Services

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