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Retail Industry Outsourcing Services by ARDEM

ARDEM provides Retail Industry Outsourcing Solutions to a variety of clients nationwide. In the retail industry it is all about the experience, which is why positive customer support and service is crucial to business.

With a growing customer base, it becomes a large task to utilize the data from Loyalty Programs, Questionnaires, Customer Trends, and more. Understanding the customer not only improves customer relationships, it also allows you to optimize how well you market products or services.

Outsourcing establishes a streamlined business process to handle large volumes of back-end tasks, and in return you reap the long-term benefits of a reduced overall cost, increased accuracy and efficiency, and a quick turnaround!

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Sweepstakes Data Processing

Transform data of sweepstakes participants for marketing campaigns – ARDEM’s random name generator also allows you to pick a winner for each sweepstakes campaign hassle-free.

Warranty Card Data Extraction

Streamline the processing of warranty registration of various products while automating the data extraction of consumer data into an organized database.

Data Mining

Collect and analyze large sets of data providing business insight to better understand your customers, visualize market trend data, and to support marketing campaigns.

Order Fulfilment

Streamline the management of receiving, processing, and delivering orders in real-time by adding flexibility and scalability in order to maintain efficiency.

Back-Office Support

Automate your current processes to lower operating costs, streamline an efficient workflow, and increase flexibility to ensure business growth and gain a competitive edge.

Order Processing

Streamline real-time processes to support the daily data entry and document management needs by addressing the challenges of keeping a lean team while increasing efficiency.

Retail Data Entry Services

Manual in-house data entry is one of the most common inefficiencies in the retail industry. With market trends ever-changing, it is important to stay on top to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Having high quality and accurate data not only improves your efficiency, it also helps you make strategic decisions for business growth and advancement.

What separates a good data set from a great one is the way the data was collected, analyzed, and utilized.  We provide an array of outsourcing solutions for the retail industry which harness the power of a skilled team, advanced technologies, and high quality and accuracy in our work. All data entry can be completed in real time to ensure that success is delivered.

Retail Document Processing

Better order processing means a better bottom line, meaning that by streamlining the back-end tasks you improve your overall processes. Large volumes of paperwork with a limited amount of time can cut into the quality of work cause issues such as errors in data or duplicate entries.

Outsourcing Retail Document Processing not only improves quality, it can also be done in real time to reduce cycle time. Invoice Processing, Sales Order Processing, and even Surveys or Questionnaires can be sent to us to be processed directly into your database to ensure the quickest turnaround.

Retail Document Conversion Services

Paper is easier to read, carry, and annotate, which is why paper still plays a large role the business world, but in a quick-paced industry it becomes highly inefficient. Outsourcing Retail Document Conversion Services digitizes documents such as vendor invoices, surveys, rebate forms, loyalty program cards, and more to improve workflow process transactions.

With OCR technology retail documents can transform into searchable documents for easy access and be converted into any file type. This way your retail document database is efficient in space, accessibility, and improves cycle times.

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