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Better order processing means a better bottom line

By July 20, 2017March 11th, 2024No Comments
Better order processing means a better bottom line

Every aspect of your company’s workflow for order processing, from interior office schemes designed to increase employee efficiency to effective lead generation techniques, constitutes an important piece of the operations puzzle.

That said, some have more substantial roles to play than others, and order processing certainly counts among these due to its role in accounting for sales and revenue.

It naturally follows, then, that if an opportunity presents itself to streamline this task and thus improve its performance – which can bolster your organizational bottom line in the long run – such a chance is worth taking.

Order processing efficiency significantly affects the bottom line of any business.

That’s the chance ARDEM can provide to your business through our industry-leading document processing services. Regardless of the file format or on-site software used for this task – or any other variable you can imagine – outsourcing it to ARDEM ensures that it’s efficiently and accurately handled. Doing so will save time and money for businesses and help more quickly fulfill customers’ needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors – including the challenges – that can present themselves in order processing and how ARDEM’s presence affects them for the better:

Cutting down on operating expenses for Order Processing

In the most literal sense, order processing has existed for hundreds of years: Just look at this bill of sale from 1714, preserved by the Lane Memorial Library of Hampton, New Hampshire, detailing a sloop ship purchased for 130 British pounds sterling. Obviously, sales and orders have advanced by leaps and bounds since then. Even so, small or home-based businesses sometimes still use handwritten bills of sale, and direct mail order is not yet an extinct process.

The majority of modern order processing relies on automation in some form or fashion. However, as the Houston Chronicle pointed out, overly elaborate systems can cause as many back-of-house challenges as they eliminate, largely due to cost: You may find yourself hiring an IT staffer or two with order software experience simply to make sure the process remains running smoothly. Or the system could encounter a glitch that goes unnoticed because sales personnel have grown used to its automated nature, remaining unaware until you receive angry client emails about duplicate billings or excessive charges. Rectifying any such issues will cost money.

ARDEM eliminates these potential stumbling blocks by taking the tasks out of your company’s hands and into ours. You don’t have to hire an extra IT or data entry employee or spend money on on-premises or cloud software when partnered with a third-party data entry provider. Our system takes in order details, processes them and returns your business a copy for your records within 12 hours or less.

Saving time

Any business still relying on paper records for its orders is allocating time to a task that could be better used for other efforts more directly beneficial to the company or its clients. And even if you have turned to an automated in-house system, are you sure orders are being processed as quickly as they could be? Also, do you find operations slowing down during busy periods of the year?

This isn’t an issue that you have to grin and bear. Through our document capture and data entry processes – or both, depending on your needs – ARDEM removes this time-consuming inefficiency and allows you to expedite turnaround times for your customers so they receive goods more quickly. Additionally, sales agents will have more time they can dedicate to customer service or to closing deals with hard-to-get clients.

Guaranteed quality and accuracy

Human error is unavoidable in business. But when entering sale information, a mistake has much greater impact than a typo in an email, and if such issues become systemic due to sub-par processing tools, this can cripple a company’s record-keeping. More importantly, erroneous orders that lead to missed deliveries, late shipping or overbilled customers have a greater adverse effect – straining trust established between a business and its loyal clients.

ARDEM’s order processing outsourcing solutions account for this possibility through a quality control process that reviews documents at multiple points throughout the processing cycle. Through cutting-edge automation that examines orders, according to set parameters for missing information and incorrect entries, we help ensure 99.97 percent accuracy: In summation, the issues presented by errors are majorly mitigated or eliminated outright.

Companies in all fields face so many unavoidable challenges – so why not make decisions that will help eliminate challenges you shouldn’t have to worry about, thus streamlining your sales department’s workflow? ARDEM’s order and document processing services could be just what you need to help you make a leap forward as a business.