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Business Process Automation Services

Business Process Automation Services to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Business Process Automation to Improve Efficiency

Using Automation Technology to Improve Data Accuracy and Business Process Cycle Time.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is used to automate data entry processing. Business Process Automation is also used in accounts payable, invoice processing, utility bill management, various additional Business Process Outsourcing workflows. 

Data Capture in Business Process Automation

Automated Data Capture using artificial intelligence (AI) and image recognition software to convert information into usable digital format.

Machine Learning in Business Process Automation

Machine Learning (ML) to automate repetitive Data Entry tasks to make the process more efficient. Machine Learning uses Data Entry Automation to produce accurate data.

Bots in Business Process Automation

Automated Software Applications (Bots) perform repetitive workflow tasks in the collection of data from documents.

Programmatic Validation in Business Process Automation

Using Automated Data Validation Tools for data accuracy checking. Using Automated Validation for speeding up the business process workflow.

Automation Services

Successful automation begins with a clear objective and ends with an increased return on investment. By defining the goals your workflow is transformed to maximize on both accuracy and efficiency allowing your business to focus on core competencies. In addtion to transforming your current workflow, ARDEM works closely with your team to provide greater visibility and positive results! How does ARDEM automate your business processes? First, we analyze your current needs and define the most efficient process. Whether this is digitizing your physical documents and scanning them to make it easier for programmatic data capture, or by streamlining a process to input data into a database our goal is to provide the best customized solution.

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Customized Automation

Enjoy faster turnarounds with customized automation solutions, tailored to your processing needs.

High-Volume Processing

Increased efficiency in high-volume transaction processing with easy scalability.

Proprietary Technology

ARDEM Automation is empowered by our proprietary range of software bots, developed and tested in-house.

Security Assurance

All processes are executed in compliance with ISO27001 standards along with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and PII.


How Business Process Automation Generates Higher ROI

Not only does automation increase the quality of your operations but it also reduces your operational costs as minimal human supervision is required to oversee and manage the automated processes. This further frees up your internal resources, increasing focus on your primary business or core competencies and leading the way to future expansion and growth.

ARDEM Automation

With ARDEM’s Automation Platform, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges.

Consistent Data

Our proprietary ARDEM Bots enter, capture, and extract data with greater accuracy while reducing errors.

Intelligent Automation

Our smart automation bots carry out multi-sequences steps to execute complex processes flawlessly.

Reduced Cost of Operation

Eliminate process redundancies and lower your operating costs with our advanced automation solutions.

Extensive Quality Assurance

We employ machine learning and AI along with a series of validation checks to generate 100% clean and verified data.

Which Industries Benefit from Automation and Outsourcing Services?

Automation and Business Process Outsourcing Services Benefit Logistics, Utilities, Accounting, Health, Retail and Manufacturing Industries.
For information to be actionable it needs to be available in a digital format. This data could be collected from the web. It could be data from PDF files. It could be data collected from scan images. 
Freight Bills of Lading, Vendor Invoices, Utility Bills, Retail store data, Order fulfillment, Public Opinion Survey, Health Test forms all generate large volumes of business data. Data Entry Automation, Machine Learning and AI technologies are used by ARDEM to deliver higher data accuracy, reduce data processing cycle time and reduce costs for our clients in these industries.

Data Entry Automation for Logistics and Supply Chain

How Data Entry Automation is used in Processing of Freight Bills of Lading

Bill of Lading

Expedite Bill of Lading (BoL) entry and processing to improve efficiency.

Freight Bill

Accurate freight bill entry and processing to ensure accurate billing for each shipment.

Order Fulfillment

Eliminate manual processing to accurately create shipping labels, enter orders, and process invoices.


Increase visibility of FTL and LTL and reduce operational costs for streamlined processing.

Automation for Utilities and Energy

Data Entry and Data Capture for Energy Consumption and Payment Data from Utility Bills

Utility Bill Data Processing

Data Entry and Data Capture from Utility Bills. Utility bills can be sent as paper bills, or images, or the utility bills can be directly collected from the utility sites by us.

Utility Bill Management

Utility Bill Data Management Service includes the data entry and data capture of utility bill data to help companies process their utility bills, track their utility expenses, manage their bill to pay cycle for utility bills, flag out of range utility expenses.

Utility Bill Payment

Utility bills need to be paid on time to prevent service disruptions which occur as a result of missed payments. We collect the payment data from utility bills, create payment files, perform Account Payables transactions, and make electronic payments for our clients.

Sustainability Reporting of Utility Data

Utility Consumption Data is collected for Sustainability Reporting and Energy Data Analysis.

Why Data Entry is Needed in Accounting

Accounting Data Entry and use of Automation in Accounting helps our clients maintain accurate financial records

Accounts Payable Services

Using both AP Automation and qualified accounting talent we shorten vendor bills to payment cycle.

Accounts Receivable Services

Improving Checks Receipt to Deposit cycle, timely Bank Reconciliation, we help clients improve their Cash Management.


Data Entry for Bookkeeping Services for our clients helps increase accounting data accuracy while reducing their costs.

Invoice Processing Services

Businesses with large volumes of monthly invoices utilize Data Entry, Data Capture and Automation technologies for the collection and processing of data from invoices.

How Automation is Used in Healthcare and Life Sciences

High Quality Data increases patient satisfaction, helps deliver better care and improve patient outcomes

Medical Claims Processing

Experience shorter payment cycles with faster data entry and data capture from medical claims.

Test Requisition Form Processing

Test Requisition Form Data Entry or Lab Form Data Entry is accurate and completed quickly to deliver data rapidly to our clients.

Insurance Application Processing

Data Conversion from one format to required insurance form format using data entry or automated data conversion solutions.

Medical Data Entry

Outsourcing Medical Data Entry for medical forms and for collection of data from Patient Satisfaction surveys.

How Data Entry Automation Benefits Retail

Data Entry Automation in the Processing of new Customer Orders improves Order to Payment Cycle

Sales Order Processing

Accurate Data Entry of new Customer Orders improves Order to Revenue cycle.

Data Mining

Data Mining, Data Research and Data Analysis using Predictive AI helps our customers with Business Intelligence.

Rebate Data Entry

Data Entry Outsourcing Company for processing of Rebates, verifying, tracking rebate claims using double-key data entry and automation technologies.

Order Fulfillment

Processing customer orders with speed and accuracy for faster order fulfillment.

How Data Entry Autoamtion Outsourcing is Changing Manufacturing

Data Entry Outsourcing Service for Processing, Data Collection, and Data Analysis from Manufacturing Records.

Bill of Materials Data Processing

Data Entry and Data Capture from Bills of Material, Material Specification Sheets to aid Manufacturing Record Management.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Data Entry and Data Capture from Material Data Safety Sheets.

Order Management

Data entry and Data Processing for Rapid Accurate Order Fulfillment.

Large Format Engineering & Architectural Drawing Conversion

Digital Scan Conversion, Indexing, Data Capture from Engineering and Architectural Drawings for Manufacturing Document Management.


How Workflow Automation Propels Business Process Improvement

In today’s competitive environment there is very little room for error and even less room for operational delays and inefficiencies which leads to a constant need for business process improvement. Backed by automated workflows and smart processes, businesses are continually redefining the limitations of what they can achieve and being left behind is simply not an option.

Receive Both Physical and Digital Documents
Data Capture Using AI and Machine Learning
Quality Assurance Through A Combination of Technology and Human Interaction
Files Are Compiled and Ready for Delivery Through A Secure Network

ARDEM Cloud Platforms

The ARDEM Collaboration platform is a cloud-based work space where you can work from home and manage remote teams while keeping an eye on the status of your projects in real-time. In today’s modern world businesses must be efficient and adaptable in order to meet demand. Through the use of cloud platforms, businesses gain visibility, improve accuracy, productivity, and cut overall operational costs.

ARDEM Cloud Platforms

The Future Digital Workplace That Helps You Stay Connected

Tackling the Challenges of In-House AP and Invoice Processing

Streamlining Utility Data Collection and Extraction

Collecting and Reporting Data from Surveys using Advanced Automation

Data Capture Services

Data Extraction Services

Document Processing Services

Automate Your Processes

With ARDEM Technology, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges.

Business Process Automation Services to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Cost

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