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How Workflow Automation Propels Business Process Improvement  

By May 15, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
How Workflow Automation Propels Business Process Improvement  

In today’s competitive environment there is very little room for error and even less room for operational delays and inefficiencies which leads to a constant need for business process improvement. Backed by automated workflows and smart processes, businesses are continually redefining the limitations of what they can achieve and being left behind is simply not an option. 

Business process improvement or BPI refers to the practice of analyzing, redefining and improving essential business processes for optimum performance and improving the quality of customer experience.

Discover how to effectively implement business process improvement techniques.

A comprehensive business process improvement plan aims to implement business enhancements across 3 main areas of business:

  • Operations: A thorough analysis of your existing operational process can help you eliminate redundancies that lower any losses or delays. The best way is to break down your entire process and cut out anything that is outdated, incorrect and even unnecessary. Once the individual steps have been optimized, they can be stitched back together to create a smooth and productive operational process.  
  • Management: Improving company management entails better allocation of resources, budget management and proper governance. The key is to enhance visibility through optimized high-volume transactional processing that illuminates real-time insights. 
  • Support Services: Support services deal with processes that are essential for everyday services. These include accounting and booking services along with processing everyday data and properly converting and storing crucial business documents. From tracking and processing customer support requests to clearing accounts payable and invoices, backend efficiency goes a long way in boosting process improvement. 

The ARDEM Advantage

At ARDEM Incorporated, we offer extensive business process outsourcing services that are designed to drive down your costs while enhancing operational efficiency. 

Our deep industry expertise is matched by our use of advanced technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning that drive our BPO services, back office support and data outsourcing solutions. 

Here’s what makes ARDEM the best partner for implementing business process improvement solutions that help you work smarter: 

Automation that Drives Business Process Improvement 

Business process automation is essential to achieve operational excellence.

Business process automation refers to the implementation of efficient organizational processes. This means ensuring that the right tasks are assigned to the right people who employ the right technologies to accomplish each function in the most efficient manner. 

The proper implementation of an effective business process automation yields 3 primary benefits: 

  • It implements and ensures uniformity and consistency across the organization.
  • It automates essential day-to-day processes; these processes are repeatable. 
  • It yields high-quality results consistently –  every day, every time.  

At ARDEM, we have automated and optimized thousands of processes across industries including finance and accounting; logistics and supply chain; healthcare and life sciences; utilities and energy along with retail, manufacturing, insurance and claims processing. 

We know how to break down your existing workstream, optimize individual steps and then assign bots to execute your new and improved workstream. 

Data Management is Essential for Business Process Improvement 

Efficient data management leads to drastic business process improvement.

There is great responsibility associated with accurate data entry. Our proprietary quality process employs double-key entry along with other measures to ensure the highest possible accuracy with manual data entry. We further employ OCR and ICR to capture and extract data from multiple sources including electronic and physical documents, not to mention images. 

Accurate data entry is further backed by validation checks to eliminate any errors and duplicates. The processed data is analyzed for actionable intelligence. The final data is aggregated and shared with you for quick and easy access. We even upload or transfer the data directly into our clients’ database for additional convenience.

Document Processing That Drives Business Process Improvement 

Automated document processing streamlines your workflow for operational efficiency.

Running everyday, essential processes can accrue quite a bit of paperwork that needs to be processed with the utmost care and accuracy. That’s not all, many of these documents need to be properly recorded for further requirements or against any future liabilities. 

Additionally, not all documents are physical. Digital documents in varied formats are received from multiple vendors and clients from various industries and must be processed efficiently. 

At ARDEM, we offer our clients extensive document processing services. We retrieve data from physical, digital and pictorial sources. Documents are forwarded via mails or shared via SFTP. Physical documents can also be mailed to us and we transform them into usable data. 

Our team in New Jersey scans all documents using our high-speed scanners and converts them into standard formats and shares them with our operations team for further processing. The final documents are recorded and indexed for further use and reference. 

Robotic Process Automation

RPA or robotic process automation helps streamline and improve your workstream.

Automation has changed the way we work and carry out essential business processes, improving the quality and quantity of the final output. Automation is enabled by software bots especially coded to carry out certain processes to streamline your existing workstream. 

At ARDEM, automation is our strong point among others; we develop proprietary software or automation bots that are specially created to carry out specific multi-step processes. For instance, our Gyan and Sumti series of bots are designed to process and extract data from survey forms and so on and so forth. We automate your processing requirements for shorter cycle times and cost-effective solutions. 

Back Office Support Services

Back-end automation drives business process improvement.

Backend efficiency goes a long way in boosting productivity and reducing operating costs. Everything from bookkeeping to utility bill processing and high-volume transaction processing needs to run smoothly for optimum business process improvement. 

As our client, you get to enjoy full back office support with the aid of our expert team that comprises application engineers, database designers, workflow experts, process and quality engineers, trainers, and project managers who streamline your back end processes and implement strict quality control measures to generate high-quality output.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

ARDEM offers scalable business process outsourcing solutions to drive business growth.

With ARDEM you not only get to enjoy the benefits of our highly-skilled workforce and advanced technology but also tried-and-tested processes that guarantee efficiency. 

Still, we don’t just create the same solutions for everyone. The proven processes are further moderated and streamlined to each and every client’s specific requirements and needs. Your custom-tailored solutions are specially designed as per your operating model and business goals to maximize business process improvement. 

People, Process, Technology

People, process and technology are the driving factors behind business process improvement.

At ARDEM, we firmly believe that people, process and technology are the keys to creating effective business process improvement plans. We leverage global talent with our headquarters in New Jersey and our operations office in India. 

Our blended solutions result in faster cycle times, larger processing volumes, and higher accuracy of all throughput. Our operations office further works in a 3-shift environment for round-the-clock-processing so that your processing never stops!

How We Do It: 

Identifying Pain Points

Identifying pain points and redundancies helps formulate a plan for business growth.

 At ARDEM, our main aim is to discover your primary processing pain points and redress them for optimum productivity. 

We start by gaining an initial understanding of your immediate requirements, the full scope of work and any additional specifications. Your ARDEM project manager comes with extensive industry experience and is supported by a team of FTEs and workflow experts with the added benefits of established automated workflows to help create advanced business process improvement techniques for your needs. 

Designing Improvement Processes

ARDEM has extensive experience in designing business improvement processes across several industries.

Our primary goal at this point is to understand the details of your current process in order to lay out a new improved workflow. Once you have shared the details of your process with your project manager, our team sets into action and starts a process of discovery to identify redundancies.  

Based on what our team learns during discovery and our prior industry experience, we create a timely-responsive solution for your outsourcing needs. The business process improvement road map is laid out in exact details by working directly with you to ensure all your needs are addressed.

Business Process Improvement Road Map

We lay out a detailed road map to drive business growth.

The business process improvement road map helps identify all sources of delay that lower your productivity. The solution includes the perfect combination of manual interaction and workflow automation to deliver operational excellence. 

However, the work doesn’t end here, as we also study the process workflow once it’s put into action. As we realize how the entire process can be streamlined further we take definitive action and implement further measures for improvement. 

 So, what are you waiting for? Give your business the ARDEM Advantage today! Get in touch with us to discover how to improve your existing business processes.