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Utilities and Energy Business Process Outsourcing Services

Utilities and Energy Business Process Outsourcing Services to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.

energy and utility outsourcing

33,000+ data points extracted from 40,000+ accounts.

We set out to assist the energy and utility industry by supporting their initiatives to help make businesses greener.

Utility and Energy Business Process Outsourcing Services to Improve Sustainability

From Receipt of Bill to Payment

Utility Bill Processing

Secure, Accurate, and Efficient

Utility bill management solutions transform your current process using a combination of automation and effort-based processing. Here at ARDEM, we streamline the utility bill process to increase accuracy, shorten turnaround time, and reduce costs.

Utility Bill Management

Improving Your Process Through Automation

From the receipt of utility bills to payment, ARDEM provides Utility Bill Management solutions to streamline the entire process and prevent late fees. ARDEM’s extensive utility database has mapped out thousands of different vendors  making utility bill data management a breeze.

Sustainability Reporting

Increase Visibility

Once data is captured from utility bills it is streamlined to view across all accounts, meters, and locations. Using the ARDEM Invoice Manager, gain access to push button reporting to identify the best methods to lower costs and achieve sustainability goals.

improving processes

Renewable Energy

Aiming for Efficiency

Tracking the use of renewable energy helps contribute towards your sustainability goals and to reduce the cost of utilities. This historical database of renewable energy can be utilized to efficiently reduce utility vendor costs by improving your Utility Bill Data Management.

ESG Management

Improve Growth and Lower Risks

Achieve efficiency goals by managing the energy conservation efforts for ESG Grade building investments. ESG Compliance leads to higher long-term profitability, lower risks, and a positive investment impact.

White Paper

Normalizing Data For Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

What are the 4 challenges of utility bill management? In our white paper we help identify the monthly costs of inefficiency and how outsourcing utility bill automation can not only improve costs but also reduce your cycle time for faster data.

Utilities and Energy Outsourcing

Extract Data from All Utility Bills

Utility Bill Processing comes with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between service providers. Combining advance data capture technology and data entry methodology we streamline your bill processing by increasing accuracy, shortening turnaround time, and reducing costs by supporting all utility bill formats.


Top 5 Technologies Impacting Utility Bill Processing

Data entry is the most commonly implemented method of utility bill processing. However, traditional data entry methods are incredibly inefficient. This slow and redundant process has a higher likelihood for errors and a slower cycle time increases the chance of late payments. With the rise in automation technology, businesses have been finding solutions to utilize technologies impacting utility bill processing.

Invoice Capture & Extraction

99.97% Accurate Invoice Data Extraction & Processing with Our Expert Staff & Human in the Loop Automation

Our accounts payable & invoice experts extract & process data accurately while using flexible automation to increase efficiency where applicable. We provide 99.97% accurate, on-time, invoice management solutions for companies in a sustainable manner.

Electric Utility Bills Processing

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