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ARDEM Survey Manager

The ARDEM Survey Manager allows you to easily track all responses from each of your survey campaigns. Increase your visibility in order to lower costs and utilize feedback to empower your business.

ARDEM Collaboration + Survey Manager

Technology That Drives Collaborative Success

Login to the Platform

Gain access to your work space and view the progress of all received surveys in real-time.

Upload Surveys

Easily upload your surveys and they are automatically ingested  into the processing cycle.

Data Extraction

Data will be extracted from all surveys along with any open-ended questions responses.

Ready-To-Use Data

Survey data will be available for download in your preferred file type to be ingested into your system.

Extract Data from All Surveys

Survey processing comes with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between surveys that are conducted online and surveys that are handwritten. By combining advance data capture technology and effort-based capture, we increase accuracy, shorten turnaround time, and reduce costs to uniformly deliver data.

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How ARDEM uses Bots for Collecting and Reporting Data from Surveys

Utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies along with the latest tools in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, find out how we create bots for collecting and reporting data from Surveys.

ARDEM Survey Manager Features

Connect with all your survey campaigns through a single platform. By adding the ARDEM Survey Manager onto the Collaboration Platform, you gain access to additional functionalities to improve visibility. Once your surveys have been received, they are automatically ingested into our processing cycle.

Customized reporting features and push button reporting allows you to view data by question for each campaign.

Case Study

Transforming Survey Processing for a Marketing Consultant Health Group

A leading marketing consultant health group was looking to outsource the survey processing portion of their current business model. This process was currently being handled in-house, but there was a need to ramp up allowing them to run multiple client surveys concurrently.

Keep Track of All Surveys

Once surveys have been emailed or uploaded, the counts are recorded and an electronic copy of each lead form is visible through the file manager.

Monitor Each Campaign

Using your Dashboard, easily track which surveys have been received, are in the queue, and have been completed for delivery for each campaign.

Push Button Reporting

Easily create reports that display the metrics for each survey question for feedback analysis or to present to the whole team.

Easily View and Edit Verbatim

Easily view and edit the comments and feedback provided in each survey to further improve their experience and sastisfaction.

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