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How ARDEM uses Bots for Collecting and Reporting Data from Surveys

By July 29, 2019March 11th, 2024No Comments

In the Survey Workstream at ARDEM, we process a very large number of Surveys daily. These surveys are for multiple different clients and each survey content and format is different. The processing of surveys requires an excess of a hundred separate steps. Starting with sorting and separating of different surveys, file encryption and decryption, data capture of hundreds of fields, data quality audits, data tabulation, creation of presentation charts and ending with data delivery. As a result, businesses often find this process to be time consuming and inefficient. ARDEM utilizes bots for collecting and reporting data from surveys to help automate this process.

Bot Technology – Why We Created Sumti

Our Survey Workstream is very good. Our clients are happy. We deliver very high quality of data, 100% on time. However, our customers could benefit even more if we could further shorten the cycle time, be able to administer many more survey variants, analyze the data and create many more charts for them.

Enter Sumti.

The unique advantage we had in creating Sumti is that we had performed the same steps that we now wanted Sumti to perform thousands of times. We designed Sumti based on our own experience in processing millions of surveys. We utilized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies along with the latest tools in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create bots for collecting and reporting data from Surveys.

What are the Capabilities of ARDEM Bots

How ARDEM uses Bots for Collecting and Reporting Data from Surveys

ARDEM uses Bots for Collecting and Reporting Data from Surveys through an efficiently streamlined process. By incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence bot technology allows businesses to achieve greater results.

ARDEM Bots will be capable of delivering results for a sequence of steps. Therefore, they will be more complex than the single transaction Bots. For example, Sumti 100 is capable of the complete receipt process which includes stripping attachment of the email, separating forms by form version, splitting multi-page into single page file, encrypting, MD5 naming, etc.

We will continue to build more intelligence into the Bots. The Sumti 200 which performs the data capture function not only captures the data but also checks and corrects the suspects and can deliver the data in the correct output columns.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be incorporated in Gyan series of ARDEM Bots.

Availability of ARDEM Bots

ARDEM Bots will be created to support the business process automation work we do for our clients on our cloud service platforms. We will use our experience in performing many diverse business processes to create Bots for different business automation solutions. We expect the ARDEM Bot team to grow rapidly.