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What are the Challenges of Data Entry?

By September 6, 2018March 4th, 2024No Comments
data entry services challenges of data entry

In order to stay ahead in the competitive business market, there is a stronger reliance on modern technologies to optimize work processes. However, many businesses lack the resources to efficiently manage their data due to the many challenges of data entry. As a result, businesses often look for data entry outsourcing companies as a solution.

One of the biggest challenges of any data entry project is maintaining data consistency.

Errors in Data

Skilled data entry operators require more than just speed and accuracy, they need the knowledge and skill base to handle any challenge. For example, when data is handwritten it requires a high level of quality assurance measures to ensure the accuracy of data. Poor data quality often results from the input process – inaccuracy, poor attention to detail, or even illegible documents all contribute to the challenge of data entry.

In a previous blog post, we talk about how ‘good enough’ isn’t enough when it comes to data entry. Inaccurate data leads to a variety of other issues that not only slows down your operational process but also result in additional operating expenses.

Data Configuration

Before data can be utilized effectively, it needs to be cleaned and organized. Since data comes in many formats, data is normalized to allow for easier comparison of data sets and remove variation. As a result, many spend most of their time preparing data rather than using the data effectively.

The most common processes that require data normalization is invoice processing and utility bill management. Since these two processes require data from different vendors the document formats, units of measure, or even account information displayed varies.

Slow Turnaround

Many employees are tasked with slow and redundant data entry tasks that make poor use of their skills. Quite often, these employees are not specifically trained to efficiently enter data. Employees have a set work schedule which means there is a loose commitment to data entry tasks. Once a workday is over, any data entry tasks that are leftover is carried over to the next business day which can significantly slow down your operational process.

One of the biggest issues with manual data entry is incomplete data which significantly impacts work quality, and as we previously mentioned, poor data quality can become quite expensive. Data capture provides a more efficient method of data entry compared to manual data entry by adding a touch of automation to speed up turnaround times.

Challenges of Data Entry

How does outsourcing help overcome the challenges of data entry? A combination of the brightest minds, innovative technologies, and deep industry knowledge is embedded in all of our solutions to ensure success if delivered.

ARDEM’s Solution for the Challenges of Data Entry

Some other factors that contribute to the challenges of data entry can be due to volume spikes or the sheer fact that your business is already too busy handling large workloads. Businesses have been adapting to make the digital transformation in order to incorporate technology and a more data-driven innovation process in order to improve efficiency, increase growth, and for a way to respond to competition. The majority of businesses are not well equipped to increase efficiency which is why outsourcing data entry services can become beneficial.

ARDEM offers customized solutions to best fit your data entry needs. With a combination of the brightest minds, deep industry knowledge, and the latest technologies we help deliver success. With multiple validation routines and compare quality check, we ensure that cutting costs does not mean you need to cut down on data quality. Utilizing our Technology platforms such as ARDEM Capture, ARDEM Workstream, and ARDEM Automation, we transform your current operational processes to bring the best ROI.

Contact ARDEM today to find out how we can help create the best solution for your data entry challenges!

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