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Strategic Outsourcing: Digital Transformation

By August 29, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments
Strategic Outsourcing: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation mixes the concept of ‘going paperless’ by adding a stronger focus on solving traditional challenges. By utilizing technology and data-driven innovation businesses aim to upgrade internal processes to be more efficient.

The top three reasons many industries are making the push for the digital transformation is to improve efficiency, increase growth, and for a way to respond to the competition in an agile manner. The majority of businesses are not well equipped to successfully make the digital transformation, often lacking the necessary resources. As a result, businesses turn to outsourcing partners for a solution.

Digital Transformation Applied to Business Processes

New hardware and software push the need to update technology to limit the risks of outdated systems and functionality. Two key technological components for this drive towards digitalization is cloud technology and artificial intelligence. The added flexibility and mobility from the cloud allows businesses to save on IT and equipment costs. Similarly, businesses have been taking advantage of artificial intelligence and automation in order to streamline redundant and time-consuming tasks.

In a previous blog post, we talk about how machine learning streamlines data extraction in order to collect and organize large sets of data quickly and efficiently. The key advantage of machine learning is the ability to evolve. As data is fed into the system it is constantly writing and rewriting new algorithms to improve on efficiency and accuracy.

One of the most successful applications of machine learning in business is the transformation of invoice processing. Invoices are made searchable through OCR technology, allowing data fields to be entered directly into your system. An automated invoice processing solution provides increased efficiency and lowers the risk of error through multiple validation routines – reducing operational costs.

In summary, digital transformation aims to change company culture to better accommodate efficiency through the use of technology. Through outsourcing, businesses can help bridge the technological gap and ensure a smooth digital transition.

ARDEM’s Digital Innovation and Value

Digital Transformation

Digital transformations require businesses to change their current culture and adapt to one that is more technology dependent. A successful digital transformation in return provides a boost in ROI.

ARDEM understands the importance of keeping your data secure which is why we have VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols, and address data security at multiple levels. HIPAA and GDPR compliance is up to date to ensure standard practice in keeping sensitive data secure.

Our highly skilled developers have integrated our 15 years of outsourcing experience to create the most accurate and efficient self-learning automation routines to build an extensive data library. This allows us to tackle your challenges such as varied formats, large volumes, or to eliminate errors.

Outsourcing with ARDEM helps to reduce the high investment costs that come with integrating digital technology with business processes. Our deep industry knowledge helps create the best outsourcing solution to prioritize your success. Our goal is to provide scalability, increase production, and provide high quality and accuracy. In response, you save on overall operating costs and internal resources can better focus on core business functions to improve growth.

Contact ARDEM today to find out how we can strategically enhance your digital transformation.

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