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Our logistics client found his accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes in disarray, and payment to vendors were delayed. Cash flow was impacted by poor receivables.

Our customer is a global transportation provider that offers superior service at competitive pricing. They are driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a belief that a satisfied customer is the most powerful testament to their success.


Challenge 1: Disaster Recovery Plan

When the unforeseen challenge of COVID-19 hit, the entire freight bill processing came to a halt.  With lockdowns in place, freight bill processors could not work from offices. Freight bills of lading could not be keyed into the system. Truckers did not get shipment directions in a timely manner. Freight logistics planning and truck routing became a challenge.

Challenge 2: Communication Support 

In a crisis or emergency there is a need for frequent communication. In a global environment with services being delivered from various global centers this need for communication is even more apparent.

Challenge 3: Workload Optimization 

Freight bill processing workload fluctuated daily. There was further fluctuation of freight invoices during each working hour. This required that the staffing of freight bill processors be managed hour by hour.

Challenge 4: Data Security 

There was the absence of an additional security layer for access to the client’s system.  The absence of this crucial security layer raised significant concerns about data integrity and confidentiality.

Challenge 5: Training

Freight Bill Processing requires familiarity with freight invoice terminology. It requires knowledge of freight bill codes and how to apply correct codes so that freight invoicing is correct. It requires an understanding of truck routing. It requires that data be keyed with 100% accuracy. This requires an investment in the training of freight bill processors.


The ARDEM approach resolved the challenges faced by the client within a short period.

1. Reliable Redundancy

ARDEM added robust redundancy in the client’s freight bill processing operation. With the addition of a large redundant team of freight bill processors, ARDEM quickly processed tens of thousands of freight bills daily.

By utilizing ARDEM Cloud service platforms ARDEM removed the dependency on single node office networks. Multiple nodes provided better safety in case of disaster and added security. Our approach ensured that all freight bills were processed accurately and on time.

2. Workload Optimization

ARDEM used historical data of fluctuating volumes of incoming freight bills to plan its resources. How many freight bill processors are needed at 6 pm vs how many are needed at midnight. Mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence tools were used to optimize the count of freight bill processors needed.

3. Strengthening Security 

ARDEM introduced an additional protection layer through ARDEM Workspace and ARDEM Cloud services.

4. Training

ARDEM developed a Cloud hosted training platform for the freight bill data entry processors. The freight bill processing training platform included work instructions, videos, simulators, and evaluation questionnaires to help freight bill processors become experts in the processing of freight bills of lading and freight invoices.

5. Communication

As an outsourcing vendor with a global presence, ARDEM was better positioned to provide our client with 24/7 customer support. Frequent client communication and immediate responsiveness to client needs helped build trust quickly.

Benefits of ARDEM

ARDEM Logistics Outsourcing Services helped improve the freight bill processing operation for our client. It helped our client achieve:

1. Benefit from Efficient Processing of Freight Bills

In the face of a crisis ARDEM stepped in promptly to process thousands of freight invoices. ARDEM processed the freight bills of lading accurately and on time. ARDEM exceeded the client delivery volume expectations. 

2. Benefit from ARDEM having a Local Presence and a Global Reach

ARDEM local presence coupled with a global footprint allowed for both improved communication and processing cycle time improvements. Frequent communication and immediate responsiveness helped our client improve their operational efficiency.

3. Improved Security 

Use of ARDEM Workspace and ARDEM Cloud services allowed for improved data security for our client.


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In conclusion, with ARDEM’s services, the client’s financial operations flourished, communication barriers vanished, efficiency soared, and security was fortified. This partnership showcased the transformative power of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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