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How to Securely Work with Remote Teams

By April 22, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
How to Securely Work with Remote Teams

In the age of social distancing and quarantine, running operations smoothly requires people to work remotely and be successful in collaborating online. This, in turn,  requires swift and effective solutions to solve the problem of how to securely work with remote teams. 

As businesses and firms shift to remote models of working, the new virtual workplace needs a new set of codes for effective supervision and collaboration. Another important factor that you need to take care of is securing your employees’ work and sensitive data that is shared across systems via cloud servers. 

According to the FBI, their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has seen a spike of nearly 300% in the number of cybersecurity complaints it receives daily during the COCID-19 crisis in comparison to the complaints they received before!

Securing your data has never been more important. However, there is no need to panic just yet. You can mitigate your security risks considerably by establishing clear-cut policies and taking proactive measures.

Here are some proven strategies that you can easily implement to reduce your security risks and manage remote teams effectively : 

Effective Collaboration Tools

You need effective collaboration tools to work securely with remote teams.

One of the major prerequisites for managing a remote workforce is a fully-integrated collaboration platform with effective channels for clear, two-way communication. 

These collaboration tools like live chat, video calling, email features and video calls help you stay in touch and in sync with your employees. This, in turn, helps you to relay new instructions faster and stay updated about the current state of affairs. 

Constant connection and effective collaboration are counted among the best ways to securely work with remote teams. 

Structured Supervision

Securely working with remote teams requires structured supervision.

Apart from staying in touch with your team, you also need to create a system of structured supervision to check the status of work and the practices of your employees. 

This entails organizing daily check-in, weekly reports and periodic briefings. This system not just helps you keep an eye on the current status of your work but also helps identify any possible areas of concern that need immediate attention. 

Your employees also stay more vigilant, knowing that they will have to justify the current state of affairs in their reports. These periodic meetings are also an effective platform for you to stress the importance of following the established protocol to ensure data security. 

Employee Training

You need to train your employees about the standard practices for cyber security.

One of the major sources of a security breach more often than not is employee negligence. While your team may be highly-skilled and experienced in dealing with advanced technologies, they may not be aware of tiny errors or everyday carelessness that can result in data breach or theft. 

Therefore, in order to make the most of your remote team without compromising on security, you must create a series of protocols that help define and streamline how your employees need to share and process data. 

Additionally, you need to keep up to dater on the latest threats to avoid with your employees. When we talk about working securely with remote teams, employee awareness and education play a big role in securing sensitive data. 

Cloud Content Storage

Keep your data secure using cloud content storage.

When managing remote teams, it is quite important to have a centralized location for data storage and sharing and that’s where cloud servers come in.

Storing all your data on a well-secured cloud server helps you organize your data, protect it and also control who gets access to your information. 

Besides, as the traditional workforce is replaced by a diverse collection of talent from across the world, storing all data in a central, cloud-based database can be a smart way to make data sharing easier. You can now share data across great geographical distances and varying time zones. 

Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication

Use advanced security practices to secure your data.

When we talk about controlling who can access your data, two steps that you must implement to enforce limited access are single sign-on and two-factor authentication. 

Single sign-on or SSO refers to an identity and access management practice that allows users secure access to several platforms or applications by just logging in and verifying just once. This gives hackers fewer points of entry and helps secure your data.

An alternative is a two-factor authentication which involves a one-time-password sent to your email or assigned phone number to ensure that even if your username and password are not secure, no one else can log in to your account. 

As remote working becomes the norm rather than the exception, you need to employ additional security measures to protect your data. 

Advanced Collaboration Platform with Upgraded Security

Work securely with digital teams by employing advanced security features.

Most important of all, in order to remain secure while working with a remote team,  you need a fully-integrated platform with advanced features and upgraded security. 

Additionally, you also need to have access to live chat and feedback tools along with a slew of effective collaboration tools and security features including multi-step verification processes. 

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform offers you all these facilities and more with an automated ticketing system and flexible dashboards with customizable views. 

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform

You can work securely with remote teams by using the ARDEM Collaboration Platform.

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform is a fully-functional, cloud-based platform that allows you to stay connected and securely work with remote teams.

For a monthly subscription fee, you will get access to a secure workspace on our cloud server. The cloud server is provided by Amazon Web Services and has strict security protocols in place. Each user has a secure login protocol that employs the latest SSO technology and advanced protocols to ensure secure access.

Avail the full benefits of our global team and industry knowledge and enjoy as we process your data at lower costs while delivering greater accuracy. 

Key Features:

  • Easy Data Sharing: All you need to do to share your data with your team is to upload or drag and drop it directly into secure folders. You can also have your team members forward emails directly to the platform and our team will do the rest, i.e., sort and aggregate them for you. 
  • Easy Communication: Once you are officially on board, you will receive login credentials to your dashboard. After you log in, you can use our live chat feature to get in touch with your Project Manager directly and define the scope of work along with your expectations from the team. As your project progresses, you can also provide feedback and convey any new instructions or protocols as required.
  • Strict Data Policy: At ARDEM, data is shared on a strictly need-to-know-basis, even then the analysts cannot copy/move the data from folders or save it elsewhere. Once your data has been processed and shared with you, it is deleted after a specified period of time.
  • Live Updates and Feedback: Our collaboration platform provides you with an open window into your processing. You can keep tabs on the current status of your project and provide live feedback in case of any changes or updated instructions. You can also leave comments directly on the file or the assignment itself.
  • Customized Team: We build you a customized team comprising diverse talent. Our team consists of well-qualified experts who have multiple skills and deep industry experience. Our experts have optimized and automated thousands of processes across several sectors. We provide outsourcing solutions across multiple sectors including finance and accounting; healthcare and life sciences, government, insurance, legal, manufacturing, logistics, and retail. We further incorporate new technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced automation alongside cloud services to create original and contemporary solutions.
  • ARDEM Technology: When you partner with ARDEM, you also enjoy the benefits of advanced workflow automation with our proprietary automation bots, i.e., the ARDEM Bots. We use a combination of data entry, data capture, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide faster processing that produces high-accurate data. Once your data has been converted, our recognition technologies seamlessly map relevant data into corresponding fields. Our advanced algorithms also create intelligent relationships between data, eliminate errors and generate uniform output to help you make data-driven decisions. As the volume of data being processed increases, our ARDEM Bots also increase their efficiency to boost accuracy and reduce turnaround times. Over the course of years, we have updated and perfected our robotic process automation technology, producing data that is 99.97% accurate.

So, the answer seems pretty obvious, does it not? To securely work with remote teams, subscribe to the ARDEM Collaboration platform today!