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Mail Fulfillment Services

Generate Awareness About your Brand with Our Optimized Mail Fulfillment Services

Increased Efficiency + Higher Rate of Return

Run Successful Marketing Campaigns with Our Customized Services

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Transforming initial materials for mail marketing strategies into ready-to-email deliverables.

Quick Turnaround

We improve mail fulfillment time and accelerate your mailing processes, sending out up to 2000 emails every day.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Lower your mailing costs and enjoy higher ROI by outsourcing your mail fulfillment services.

Mail Fulfillment Services

ARDEM provides the customized small order Mail Fulfillment Services if you are looking to send out up to 2000 mailings every day. We work with clients across the country to provide the best solution.

How Do Your Mail Fulfillment Services Work?

We receive printing material and verify the address information with variable data printing. We will print the documents if needed and assemble the material requirements such as envelopes, packing materials, mailing labels, etc. Daily, weekly, or monthly reporting features are created to keep track of each campaign and postage expenses.

Product Catalogs/Brochures

Market Research Surveys

Feedback Surveys

Acknowledgement Letters

Announcements/Latest Offers

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Why Mail Fulfillment by ARDEM?

Reach Potential Prospects

Update existing clients and reach new patrons with nation-wide mail fulfillment.

Comprehensive Services

On-site fulfillment infrastructure and extensive experience ensure seamless execution of all your campaigns.

Security and Confidentiality

Mail fulfillment is accomplished in compliance with GDPR requirements.

Stay Updated

Get daily, weekly and monthly activity reports on mail counts and postage expenses.

ARDEM Processing Services

Receive the Highest Quality Utility Bill Processing Automation Solutions with ARDEM Waste, Gas, Electricity? We Handle It All. 1,000’s of Providers Already In The ARDEM Platform
ARDEM Invoice Processing solutions help you shorten cycle time, improve data quality and deliver savings to you.
ARDEM Sales Order Processing solution helps you shorten cycle time, improve data quality and delivers savings to you.
Printing and mailing of paper surveys. Receipt of surveys, scanning surveys, data collection from surveys, coding of surveys and survey data tabulations.
Mail processing of healthcare claims, sorting of claims and supporting documents, scanning and data entry from claims.
Mail processing of paperwork received with samples at the lab. Scanning and data entry from sample documents.
Mailing of catalogs,  Mailing of surveys, Mailing of samples.


How to Eliminate Unwanted Costs: Returned and Undelivered Mail

In 2013 the U.S. Postal Service spent $1.5 billion to process over 158 billion mail pieces that were marked as Undelivered Mail.

If the USPS spent $1.5 billion, how much did undelivered or return mail pieces cost your company?

Direct mailing of marketing materials to potential customers is a great way to spread awareness, but is your company using it effectively?

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