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ARDEM Test Requisition Form Processing Services

Experience Greater Accuracy and Accountability with Test Requisition Form Processing

Higher Accuracy + Faster Cycle Time

Provide improved healthcare with accurate back-office operations.

Assured Accuracy

Double key data entry with compare checks and validation checks that promise close to 100% accurate data.

Real-Time Processing

Data from test requisition forms is completed in real-time with 24hr operations and entered directly into your system.

Compliance & Security

HIPAA, PCI, PHI and PII compliances are met while entering, processing and sharing data for patient data security.

Precise Sample Management

Accuracy in sample data results in increased accountability and agility with outsourced back-office support.

Test Requisition Form Processing

ARDEM provides the necessary test requisition form processing services required for accurate medical testing results. From outbreak forms for COVID-19 testing, sample testing, and environmental testing, these forms contain patient information that need to be entered in a real-time turnaround basis. .With tightening regulations there is a higher focus on accountability, making accuracy and quality of data crucial. By reducing cycle time and increasing reliability of data, diagnostic centers and clinical laboratories can ensure accurate diagnosis for each patient.

Security is addressed in all three levels: physical, employee, and network. To ensure data compliance, access control and maintenance provided controlled access to target data and information processing systems and facilities.

Test Requisition Form Processing

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Medical Test Requisition Form Processing Services

As the need for accurate data increases, many businesses and laboratories are looking for more efficient requisition form processing services. These back-end administrative tasks are not only time consuming, but they also require attention to detail to ensure accurate data. ARDEM swiftly and accurately captures, processes, and enters test requisition form data into your system to boost efficiency and reduce cycle time.

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Battling COVID-19 with Faster Healthcare Processing

As healthcare service providers and diagnostic lab technicians work round the clock to properly test and process all the suspected cases coming in, here are some of the main challenges they face and the tasks that need to be accomplished.

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