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Warranty Card Data Entry

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Businesses realize the growth and overall health of a company depends on having satisfied customers. Satisfaction is based on the success of the product and the relationship the company has built with its customers who have purchased their products or services. Warranty card data entry is a great way to collect this information.

Many products are distributed with a warranty card. These cards collect basic information about the customer such as a name, address, email, or phone number. Having this information allows the company to have a better understanding of their customers and also develop a better relationship with their customers. In order to gather and organize this information, large volume data entry is often necessary.

This large volume of information becomes difficult for a company to extract and organize in a way that proves beneficial for the company’s needs. Companies usually do not have the resources internally to manage such large volume data entry tasks. A partnership with an outsourcing company allows them to collect and process their data quickly and efficiently, and often at a lower cost, without deploying their internal resources.

Outsourcing Your Warranty Card Data Entry

“Extracting data from warranty cards can become more manageable by outsourcing.”

Warranty cards can be sent directly to the outsourcing company for scanning and processing into an organized format. Data extraction requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail in order to correctly collect the provided information. This level of accuracy is achieved by having robust platforms for data entry and data verification.

All the data collected can be extracted to a spreadsheet which the company can use to develop statistical information about their products and their customers. The digitization of the data from warranty cards allows for a more efficient way to retrieve and update consumer information.

How ARDEM Can Benefit You

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Warranty Card Data Entry

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