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Assisting a Global Alternative Legal Services Provider with Data Mining and Formatting Services for Smarter Product Marketing

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Assisting a Global Alternative Legal Services Provider with Data Mining Services for Smarter Product Marketing

ARDEM was contacted by a leading global alternate legal services provider that was looking for a trustworthy and flexible outsourcing partner who could assist them in adopting a more targeted approach for their latest business offering.

The client needed an outsourcing partner with prior expertise and deep knowledge of advanced data mining techniques. What they required was a partner who could help them in defining their buyer persona and curate a specialized database of potential clients for smarter product pitching and higher ROI.

As a leading data management and outsourcing company with 16+ years of experience in data mining and management solutions, ARDEM was able to successfully mine and deliver a highly targeted database comprising over 11,000 carefully selected datasets.

Defining Current Challenges and Scope of Work

Our team sat down to identify the current challenges and devise a solution for the client in an accelerated time frame.

For our team at ARDEM, the first and most crucial aspect of the entire process was to communicate effectively with the client and gain an extensive understanding of their immediate goals and exact requirements, which were as follows:

  • The client was looking for highly specialized and detailed data mining and data formatting services that would help assemble a specialized database with relevant company names and the requisite details.
  • As for the research part of the project, our team needed to mine and deliver specific contacts from a shortlist of companies with the categorization parameters being defined by the client.
  • The aforementioned company names were searched and normalized based on the client’s parameters and the current URL was obtained for each of them.
  • Each company was categorized based on industry.
  • An initial sample of 1000 datasets was completed as proof of concept and delivered to the client to allow for any further changes or adjustments.
  • An additional challenge was presented by the fact that the client’s data mining needs were quite pressing and therefore, ARDEM had to correctly interpret, process, and deliver the project with its long list of specifications within a record time of 2-3 weeks.

Why the Client Chose ARDEM as its Data Mining Partner

Our deep grasp of the client's requirements led to our selection for the current project.

As mentioned above, the client was urgently looking for a data mining and formatting partner to get started immediately and deliver the required datasets within a short span of 3 weeks. The client had decided to outsource this task as they lacked the internal resources to manage the workload within the required time period.

They further shortlisted ARDEM as their outsourcing partner for the project due to our swift responsiveness to their need, our quick collaboration techniques, and our extensive experience in data mining and formatting techniques.

Based on the initial contact with our sales agent, we took due cognizance of the urgency of their requirements and accelerated our consultation and communication to derive a deep understanding of their immediate goals in the shortest possible period.

Once we had ascertained their exact requirements, we put our considerable data management experience to use to create a speedy solution for remote team building and successful execution.

Discover How ARDEM Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

Discover how ARDEM was able to achieve the data mining goals set by the client.

Given the urgency of the project, we knew we had to put our best resources on the project, i.e., qualified analysts and managers with prior experience in data mining and formatting to deliver high-quality results.

As the client had already supplied our team with a comprehensive set of instructions, our primary challenge was to ensure proper implementation, while also delivering 99.97% accuracy in an accelerated timeframe.

Here’s How We Delivered Success for the Data Mining Project

Discover how we ensured success for our data mining project.

• We carried out a complete assessment of the project requirements as specified in the shared instructions.
• Our team then stitched together an accelerated workstream that would enable our analysts to learn and adapt to the specific instructions as soon as possible.
• Our internal training regimen combined sample data mining tasks with live Q&A sessions to clarify any doubts or uncertainties. We constantly monitored each analyst’s performance to improve efficiency and eliminate errors.
• As part of our contract, we processed an initial sample of 1000 records that had to be shared for additional feedback.
• Once the sample records were submitted, the client issued a request for an additional data field that was not included in the original set of instructions.
• As a result, our team reworked the 1000 sample datasets to extract and accommodate the new information.
• Our primary focus was to meet our client’s expectations and deliver all data within their required timeframe.
• We made adjustments based on the feedback we received from the client and proceeded with the remaining volume.
• We further used QC experts on the live process to maintain quality and accuracy throughout the project.
• The final output was delivered a week earlier than the agreed-upon delivery date.

The Numbers Behind Our Success Story

Discover the numbers behind ARDEM's success in data mining.

Here are the numbers behind our success story:
• The duration of the project was 2-3 weeks, the data was delivered 1 week in advance.
• Using a team of 10, highly skilled analysts, we processed over 11,300 datasets while also reworking the initial sample of 1000 records.
• The client was impressed by the quality and the speed with which we delivered our content while maintaining an accuracy rate of 99.97%.

What the Client Has to Say

Let's see how the client felt after the successful completion of our data mining project.

At ARDEM, we believe in building long-term partnerships for success, and while this was a one-time project, we aimed to exceed our client’s expectations nonetheless.

Upon reviewing the final output, the client provided extremely positive feedback. They were very happy with the quick delivery and high quality of data.

You don’t need to just take our word for it, let’s see what the client has to say:

“First, thank you so much for the hustle to get it to us sooner than the proposed date- that was incredible! Secondly, thank you for your patience as we got through the output and put together feedback… I’m excited to share that the team is very happy (and impressed) with the work ARDEM put out.”

We’re always happy to be of service to our clients. Every positive review helps us stay motivated and propels us to do better every day.
If you would like to learn more about how we can develop and implement a successful solution for your data mining and processing needs, get in touch with our team for a free consultation today!

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