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Legal Firms Take Action By Outsourcing Application Processing

By February 27, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments

The greatest challenge for any law firm revolves around time. With deadlines and time constraints lawyers should not use their time on back-office tasks which is why many choose to outsource application processing.

Applications for naturalization can take longer than 6 months to complete and ensuring all the information and documentation is collected can make this process last longer. Manual data entry and application processing is tedious, and can have errors which increase costs and processing time.

What are the benefits to outsourcing legal application forms?

It moves the need for information retrieval, application processing, and data entry off the law firm’s plate.  In addition, all the information and data for each application is easily accessed by lawyers or applicants to reduce both time and effort needed for retrieval.

Why Do Legal Firms Outsource Application Processing?

According to a 2013-2014 survey study from Williams Lea, 79% of firms outsource back office and administration tasks. The main challenge these firms faced was to reduce service costs, increase the use of technology, and improve their processes.

37% used outsourcing to optimize document processing, 26% outsourced records management, and 20% outsourced data entry.

Firms look towards outsourcing as a solution because it allows faster processing, increased productivity, and allows more focus on core business.

One major benefit of outsourcing is reduced turnaround time. Outsourcing provides the flexibility needed to effectively take on time-sensitive tasks.

In a previous blog post, we talk about the true cost of a temporary employee, and if what you pay for is what you really need. Law firms often need additional help with administrative tasks especially if workflow can easily fluctuate within the hour. While this is a great short-term solution, it is quite easy to overlook the actual costs associated with hiring a temp.

ARDEM Works to Ensure Success is Delivered

ARDEM provides a team of experts who are trained to match your business’ work ethic and practice. We utilize a three-shift work schedule to ensure work meets deadlines. We have experience processing high volume applications while submitting the work with a quick turnaround time to meet any deadlines or time constraints.

Accuracy is crucial when working with applications, which is why we have multiple validation checks in place to eliminate any errors or duplicate entries.

We take our data seriously and handle your data as if it were ours. PHI/PII Policies and HIPAA compliance are in place, and high-security measures are rooted to ensure data security.

Contact ARDEM today for more information on outsourcing application processing!

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