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Factors Driving Accounts Payable Processing Services

By January 30, 2023April 16th, 2024No Comments
Accounts Payable Outsourcing Finance Blog

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective accounts payable management is key to success. This blog explores crucial factors shaping accounts payable processing services. We look at how technology advancements and business process outsourcing, are shaping this area.

Discover the latest trends and future directions in accounts payable. Also learn the accounts payable outsourcing‘s role in streamlining and cost efficiency.

Accounts Payable - Present and Future Trends

Here is deep dive into the key factors driving accounts payable processing at present and in the future:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are expected to assist the account payable tasks now and beyond significantly. Companies can automate various accounts payable tasks using these technologies. These include invoice processing, invoice matching, approval process, and payment reconciliation. Also, machine learning algorithms can recognize past data and patterns. So, it can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the account payable processes.

2. Cloud Computing

Businesses can benefit immensely from cloud-based account payable automation systems. Such systems allow businesses to access their account payable data anytime from anywhere. This helps develop additional security for the data. It also improves the efficiency of the accounts payable processes by providing up-to-date real-time data

3. Paperless Processing

Businesses are moving away from manual activities. They are replacing time-consuming paper documents. Instead, they are adopting electronic accounts payable processes. Here are  key facts and trends driving the future of accounts payable and its technological evolution:

  • AI and Machine Learning in fintech are projected to grow at a CAGR of 23.37% from 2023 to 2026 (Mordor Intelligence).
  • 84% of firms believe automating AP processes is key for real-time data visibility (PYMNTS and Amalto survey).
  • 74% of companies plan to shift some employees to permanent remote work (Gartner CFO survey), increasing the demand for digital AP solutions.
  • The RPA market size is expected to reach USD 25.66B by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 40.6% from 2020 (Grand View Research).
Accounts Payable 2023 and Beyond Stats Blog

4. Better Visibility Into Financial Data

A past survey showed 55% of business leaders do not fully trust their datasets. Real-time visibility into financial data makes business managers take faster decisions and improve organizational leadership. Real-time visibility allows businesses to analyze future trends. It also helps them face economic uncertainty and benefit from predictive analysis to plan the future effectively.

How Can Outsourcing Companies Make a Difference?

Businesses have now begun accounts payable outsourcing to run the process efficiently. The Deloitte CFO Signals survey in 2023 revealed 34% of the finance executives indicated they were likely to increase outsourcing over the next 12 months in their day-to-day operations. Another survey by Deloitte shows A survey by Deloitte shows that 83% of businesses outsource primarily to cut costs.

Look at these business process outsourcing benefits: 

  1. Outsourcing companies can reduce the cost of accounts payable processing by up to 60%.
  2. Outsourced invoice processing can cut the cost of processing invoices and payments by up to 80%. 
  3. Capgemini reveals that outsourcing accounts payable services can enhance visibility into payment cycles, improving cash flow management. 
  4. According to a report by Deloitte, outsourcing in accounts payable can improve compliance and reduce the risk of errors. 
  5. Automated invoice processing can reduce errors by up to 90%. 
  6. The risk of fraud can decrease by 50% with automation.
  7. PwC in their survey reported some major reasons companies outsource:
Lower costs are important or very important.76% respondents 
Seek to gain access to talent.70% respondents 
Farming out activities others can do better is a priority.63% respondents 
Aim to increase business model flexibility.56% respondents 
Improving customer relationships matters.42% respondents 
Geographic expansion is a goal.33% respondents 

The compelling statistics and trends from reputable sources such as Deloitte, Capgemini, and PwC highlight the role of BPO for efficient business growth. It emphasizes its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic benefits.

Why Choose ARDEM for Accounts Payable Outsourcing?

ARDEM is an outsourcing company that offers accounts payable outsourcing services. We help companies lower costs and pay their bills on time. ARDEM provides various services to companies seeking to outsource their accounts payable processes.

We aim to deliver efficient outsourced accounts payable processes. So we focus on to:

  1. Enhance client productivity. 
  2. Reduce overhead payroll costs. 
  3. Stabilize critical business processes. 
  4. Enhance productivity. 
  5. Increase processing efficiency.

Some of the services we offer are:

  1. Accurate vendor invoice processing. 
  2. Timely vendor bill payments. 
  3. Create customized accounts payable team. 
  4. Well-established cloud platforms.  
  5. Scalable team size to sustain dynamic account payable needs.  
  6. Quick set up of a team within 14 days. 
  7. Efficient invoice processing with guaranteed accuracy.  
  8. Faster payments through ACH/Wire. 
  9. OCR invoice capture. 
  10. ICR technology to create readable documents. 
  11. Accounts payable automation best practices.


Using the latest technological tools, companies can improve their accounts payable processes. They can expect accurate and completely error-free results. Through accounts payable outsourcing, firms like ARDEM offer a blend of optimal technological solutions. It enables smooth and efficient management of accounts payable processing services. If you’re looking to enhance your accounts payable efficiency, consider partnering with ARDEM. Reach out to ARDEM today!