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Data Entry Services by ARDEM

With over 13 years in the industry, We deliver the Highest Accuracy with the Fastest Turnaround available on every job. Ask about our Price Match and 100% On Time Delivery Guarantee!

Data entry from paper forms

Data entry from paper documents- received by courier or mail.

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Data entry from scan images

Already have scanned forms? upload them to a dedicated secure, encrypted FTP server-created specifically for your company.

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Data entry directly into your database

Give us a secure connection to your server and our...

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Outsourcing your data entry process

What if data entry is only one part of your total work process?

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Why do I need data entry services?

Used for keying data from surveys, Invoices, Bank Statements, etc.

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Data entry Everywhere

We provide data entry services to our clients Nationwide

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Get the Most Accurate Data Entry Service

We all want to save money, and sometimes we cut corners that we shouldn’t. It may seem like the right move to hire a “temp” and data key those 10,000 forms. Or, perhaps “John” can do this in his “available” time. The biggest sacrifice in this approach is the quality of data. The large margin for error that accompanies single key data entry combined with John having a rough Monday, or a distracted Friday causes his data accuracy to be only 80-85%, at best. Generally businesses who take on the task of in house data entry themselves run into issues including not being able to meet their deadline, the project becomes more expensive than anticipated, and the data is of poorer quality.

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