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Claims Data Entry Services by ARDEM

Accurate Claims Data

ARDEM provides accurate claims data entry services. Paper healthcare and insurance claims are batched and shipped to us for data entry, or, can be mailed directly to our designated PO Box.

Claims Data Entry from...

Claims data is collected from insurance claims, healthcare claims, medical claims and accidental claims.

Claims Data Entry Process

Based on the claim data that needs to be captured ARDEM will define the claims data entry template. This design will build in field validation rules, allowable provider lists, and allowable medical codes. The claims data output file layout will be defined. Once claim forms are received data entry will begin. All data is double-keyed for 100% verification. Paper claim forms are scanned and cross-reference to claim images is provided in the data output files.
Data from claims can also be keyed directly into your claims processing database.

Claims Data Entry Everywhere

ARDEM is a claims data entry company providing claims data entry services to our clients in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Arkansas, Colorado, Wisconsin and across all 50 states.

Why Claims Data Entry by ARDEM?

ARDEM has processed data from millions of forms. We have collected data from single page HCFA claims as well as claims which are accompanied with back-up documentation. Claim entry has been done for health service providers and for companies processing claims for receivables management.

Use of double-key entry and complex data field rules built into the claims data entry programs allows for data validation and cleansing of data, assuring high accuracy of delivered data sets for claims adjudication.

Claims Data Entry requires protection of personal health data. ARDEM has HIPAA Policy in place to protect PII and PHI data.

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Claim Entry

Data Entry from health care claims, insurance claims, medical claims for quicker claims processing and claim collections.

Survey Entry

Data Entry from public opinion surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, client satisfaction surveys, product surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, consumer research surveys and market research surveys.

Customer Loyalty

Data Entry from subscription lists, returned mail, petition lists, retail customer sign up cards, customer loyalty cards.

Rebates Entry

Data Entry from rebate forms, rain-checks, product promotions, customer rebate forms.

Data Processing

Accurate & Secure Data Processing Services from paper & Electronic based documents including mail fulfillment and analysis

Document Indexing

Capture of critical data fields from paper or digital documents to create intelligent databases and meta data collections. Indexing and cataloging of documents for ease of search and retrieval.

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Customer Loyalty Cards

Working with you and your company has been a distinct pleasure. From the initial scanning to the finish product, all those involved in the County Clerk’s office have been impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited and by your commitment to quality outcome.

Bradford Kendall, Dutchess County- New York

I just received a phone call from Marcie of Procurement with State of Wisconsin asking about ARDEM. Of course, I gave you a great reference.

Nancy Butler, Dept of Health Arkansas

It has been a pleasure working with your company and I will let others know to go to you for surveys.

Brenda Venner, US Navy

ARDEM is a great contact to have. Their quick turnaround with the amount of information we gave them was impressive. The work was legible and easy to understand. It helped us to complete our work by our very short deadline.

Melinda Lee, Fleishman Hillard

Thanks for all the great work. We’ll definitely keep you in mind in future if we need any more work done.

Mike Quinn, Veterans Administration Medical Center

Thank you for your excellent service and responsiveness on all of the projects we’ve completed.

Noelle Vaillancourt, National Research Center

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