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Education Industry Outsourcing By ARDEM

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Education Industry Outsourcing Services by ARDEM

Education Industry Outsourcing

ARDEM converts student transcripts and student health records from paper, or microfilm, to digital scan images. Scanned images are now hosted in our Education Document Management system for ease of access and retrieval. ARDEM provides Education Industry Outsourcing Services to high schools and universities in New York, New Jersey and across the country.

Where Do We Need Education Industry Outsourcing

Student transcripts, student health records, student assessment records need to be easily accessible and available for audit or distribution. These could be on paper, or, sometimes on microfilm. ARDEM will scan convert the student records to digital images making it much easier to access and retrieve the digital scan images of the student records.

How Do We Provide Education Industry Outsourcing

We will come and pick up the student records, or you can ship them to us. We will scan the student record- transcripts, Assessments, IEPs and Health records. We will index each record by Student name, Year of Graduation, or, other search criteria. We will deliver the digital records along with our ARDEM QuickFind search application which allows you to quickly search for record ( by Student name, Year of graduation for example).

Why Education Industry Outsourcing by ARDEM?

ARDEM has provided Education Industry Outsourcing Services including the scanning and indexing of student transcripts and the ARDEM QuickFind search application to many high schools in New Jersey and New York. Similar search applications for searching through and retrieving scanned and indexed documents has been delivered to clients other than high schools and Universities. This has included the scanning, search and retrieval of mortgage and Deed documents at a New York County Clerk’s office, the search for invoices for a major transit in the Northeast and the search for accounting records.

All database development is done to exacting standards. All indexing is double keyed to assure 100% verification of keyed data. Other audit and compliance processes are in place to assure security of data and of the processes.

Student transcripts, health records and registration forms all contain confidential data. ARDEM has security measures in place at physical, network and employee level to protect this data and keep it secure.

For higher accuracy, fastest turnarounds, and a high quality over all experience outsource Data Entry of college application forms, insurance forms,  and more!
Accurate & Secure Data Processing Services from paper & Electronic based documents including mail fulfillment and analysis
Automate and reduce costs by Outsourcing Transcript Processing, Application Forms, Student Health Records, assessment records, and more!
High quality scanning, search and retrieval of record- transcripts, Assessments, IEPs and Health records, and more!
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