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EHR Data Migration Solutions

Accurate EHR, EMR & PM Outsourcing Services

Expert Outsourcing & Digitization Services By ARDEM

Electronic Medical Records

Outsource All Your Patients EMR Digitization, Maintenance & Record Keeping Tasks to ARDEM.

Electronic Health Records

Our Experts Handle all of your patients complete health data, multi provider coordination, any certification processes and much more in a cost effective, accurate manner.

Practice Management Outsourcing

Manage all Your EHR & Hospital Billing, Scheduling & Other Needs with ARDEMs Expert Outsourcing & Cloud Technology Solutions.

Complete Healthcare Outsourcing

Data Entry & Processing of Insurance, Applications, Claims & Much More

ARDEM provides claims data processing services to clients across the country. For any claim whether it is medical or insurance it must be completed quickly and accurately. Outsourcing claims processing allows you to reduce administrative costs, decrease cycle time, and significantly boost production and revenue.

Claims Data Entry

Insurance Processing

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Digital Healthcare Outsourcing

Differences Between EMR, EHR & PM

Sometimes it can get confusing to determine which solution will fit your outsourcing needs, here is a basic break down to help you decide which healthcare solution you need and/or are currently using and how we can help.

  • Simply a Digital Copy of Patients Charts
  • Only Related to basic medical history & treatment
  • Not Certifiable
  • Only One Provider’s Records
  • Records Can’t Be shared with other providers
  • Manages a Complete Health Record
  • Detailed Multi Provider Medical History of the Patient
  • Certifiable
  • Records From All Providers
  • Records can be shared electronically between office & providers
  • Basically an EHR with Office Management Functions
  • Gives non-medical staff privileges to manage only administrative tasks.
  • Assists in patient care systems including billing, scheduling etc.
  • Allows Medical data to be searched and compared to demographic data.

ARDEM Provides Outsourcing, Data Migration, Data Processing, Data Extraction & Management Services etc.  for various Healthcare Institutions in an accurate & cost effective manner while using any systems & software that our clients want/use. Easily integrating & scaling our outsourcing functions from Day 1 for our clients.


Tackling the Primary Challenges of Health Care Claims Processing

For any health care provider, processing all health care claims received in any given billing period, even a fairly slow one, is a considerable task. During particularly busy times of the year, the number of transactions and the associated patient and payer data can overwhelm your billing department.

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