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COVID 19 Form Processing

When it comes to COVID 19 form processing for testing and vaccination, most centers find themselves processing between a few hundred to thousands of forms daily.

For centers combing through incoming forms from multiple locations, the task of collecting and reporting data becomes even more complicated as every form has to sorted, organized and recorded by location even before data can be extracted.

As states move into the vaccination phase in the fight against COVID-19, the numbers for both testing and vaccination are only going to increase further down the road.

This means more test results to confirm, more vaccines doses to report and, most of all, more patient forms and medical claims to be processed.

Additionally, as per the latest guidelines, all COVID-19 Medicare and Medicaid claims must be processed within prescribed time limits for consideration.

Instead of overburdening your already overworked medical staff with COVID 19 form processing and submission you can delegate the task to a trusted third-party data entry and document processing company with extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

ARDEM is currently working with both private laboratories and state government health departments to collect, sort and track COVID-19 testing and vaccination data.

Apart from providing real-time analytics to our clients in as quick as an hour, our team also processes patient demographics, medical insurance data and medical claims alongside COVID 19 form processing.

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