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Survey Data Entry Service

Survey data entry services extract and compile information from both paper and online surveys, entering information from multiple data fields while offering precision processing and verification for higher approval rates.

Survey data entry services seek to overcome the primary challenges of survey processing that arise due to the variance between surveys conducted online and handwritten surveys.

By combining advanced data capture technology and effort-based capture, ARDEM’s survey processing services increase accuracy, shorten your turnaround time and reduce your processing costs to uniformly deliver accurate data for sharper insights.

We provide survey processing services for public opinion surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, government research surveys and other market research surveys for clients across the country.

We manage the entire data entry and scanning process and also take charge of the entire survey management process from printing to data collection and tabulation. We also handle mix-modal data collection- both from paper as well as online data entry from surveys.

Our survey data entry services allow you to reduce administrative costs, decrease cycle time, and significantly boost production.

Additionally, our proprietary digital platform, the ARDEM Survey Manager, allows you to easily track all responses from each of your survey campaigns. It also allows you to increase your visibility, lower costs and utilize feedback to empower your business.

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