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Utility Data Invoice Capture

Utility data invoice capture refers to the automated capture and extraction of data from utility bills/invoices for effective utility management.

Contemporary utility bill management solutions transform your current utility process by using a combination of automation and effort-based processing to build reliable solutions. At ARDEM, we streamline your existing processes to increase accuracy, shorten turnaround times, and reduce your overall processing costs.

ARDEM provides fully-managed utility and energy outsourcing services that care of everything from the receipt of bills until payment.

Our fully-integrated utility bill solutions streamline your entire process and prevent late fines/fees. Additionally, our extensive database has mapped out thousands of different vendors/templates to make utility data invoice capture from various service providers a breeze.

Our outsourcing solutions are specially-engineered to increase visibility into your current consumption trends and improve sustainability efforts company-wide. Click here to learn more.

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