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5 Reasons to Outsource Logistics Data Entry

By August 30, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
Logistics Data Entry

Processing bills of Lading and Freight Bills correctly and quickly can help Trucking Companies increase their Revenue. A mistake made while processing these documents can cost logistics companies money and time.

A company needs outsourcing to increase accuracy, to process faster, and to reduce cost. Should your business opt for an in-house team or outsource logistics data entry  to an expert outsourcing service provider. Here are five reasons to outsource logistics data entry services today.

Efficient Real-time Data Entry

On Time Delivery

When companies need to process large volumes of load data it overloads their back-office. Most trucking companies opt for a third-party logistics service provider such as  ARDEM to track data in real-time and to key enter data from the freight bills. The service provider often uses automation technologies to improve operational efficiencies for the trucking companies. 

Outsource Accounting

Freight bill processing and auditing can help you recover lost revenue.

Trucking companies have expenses relating to insurance, docking, transportation, and warehousing. All transactional accounting tasks can be outsourced to a logistics service outsourcing partner such as ARDEM. 

Accuracy of Data Entry

Data from Bills of Lading and from Invoices needs to be key entered correctly. Else, shipments can go to the wrong. A Logistics services provider such as ARDEM has the processes in place to assure high accuracy of data entry work, day after day, month after month.

Focus on Core Tasks

Trucking companies are in the business of hauling goods from point a to point b in the most efficient manner for their customers. Data Entry of Bills of Lading, or, data entry of invoices is not their core activity. Trucking companies are improving their operational efficiencies by outsourcing tasks such as data entry of Bills of Lading, or the processing of invoices to logistics outsourcing service providers such as ARDEM. 

Managing Workload Fluctuations

Trained Team

Outsourcing back offices support to outsourcing service providers such as ARDEM helps Trucking companies better manage their back-office workload Whether it is a few hundred bills or thousands of bills every day outsourcing helps to manage the workload fluctuations.  An outsourcing service provider having trained employees and robust processes in place can help in the accurate data entry of these bills of lading.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing Services and Automation Services to Established Companies to help them achieve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. For additional information please reach out to us by email at, or call us at 908-359-2600.